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Prestige Idli Cooker Review

Last Updated on August 12, 2022 by Ankit Kumar

There are several choices for the healthiest breakfast. 

The best idli, however, are those served in South India using idli makers. 

An idli stand, idli steamer and idli maker are some cookwares that you will find in any South Indian kitchen. 

India loves idli because it is delicious and wholesome food. You’ll need the best Idli maker at home to create fresh idlis. 

Idli can be steam-cooked and made without oil. For all ages, it is the best and healthiest supper. In just a few minutes, the new Prestige Idli Cooker produces fluffy idlis. 

You must evaluate the size of your family and average serving size before deciding whether to purchase a Prestige Idli Maker. Prestige idli cookers are available in different price ranges depending upon the type and capacity of idlis it can make.

The stainless steel stand and body both have a glossy appearance. Cooking is now enjoyable and simple. The best breakfast is now more simple to prepare than ever before.

A Quick Overview

Making Idli is made much easier with the new Prestige Idli Cooker. The Prestige Idli Cooker boasts a shiny chrome steel frame and a chrome idli stand. It’s the quickest method to simplify and enjoy cooking. The healthiest breakfast is now simpler to make than ever before. The Prestige stainless steel transforms cookware into a heat source. The cooktop’s bottom is warmed up by the heat produced there.

The Prestige Classic Idli Cooker has four plates. It has four plates that let you set up four idlis on one scale, allowing you to cook up to sixteen idlis at once. The Prestige Company provides a 1 to 12-month warranty. It also functions with a coil stove.

Lowest price: 1,870-2,238Material: Stainless steel.Product dimension LxWxH: 53.3 x 67.6 x 74.7 CentimetersIncluded Components: 1 x Prestige Super Idli Maker, manual and warranty card.Base: Induction CompatibleIncludes Lid: yesDifferent capacities: 4 or 6 platesDishwasher-safe.1-year warranty.4 idli plates cooker make up to 16 idlis.Handles and plate material: 100% hygienic 304-grade stainless steel.Perma cool handle.An attachment: Durable steam vent.

What is the most remarkable thing about the Prestige Idli Cooker?

The Prestige idli maker allows you to make more idlis. You receive four plates with four slots each so you may make 16 idlis at once.

Durability: The 304 stainless steel used to make this idli maker is of premium quality material. As a result, it is very durable.

Dishwasher safe: It can be easily cleaned with only a few knobs and is dishwasher safe. 

Make no mess with this idli cooker!

Induction and gas are compatible – Idli cookers come in a variety of styles, including induction idli cooker, microwave idli cooker, and the traditional gas stove idli cooker variety. However, a gas stove idli maker is the one to choose if you prefer to make idli the traditional way. But, the Prestige idli maker can be used with either gas or induction.
The most often used cooking method is still gas. Despite notable technological advancements, most people still use natural gas for cooking. Induction cooktops are capable of reaching a wide range of temperatures and take less time to boil than either their fuel-line or electric counterparts.
VENT304 Stainless-steel– Steel saucepans are a popular solution for superior cooking outcomes. Super stainless steel idli cooker is a desirable material for the kitchen because of its beauty and durability. It makes use of a 304 stainless steel body (VENT), which is the best material available and achieves results unmatched by any other.
Perma cool handles for Idli plates – These handles keep the cooker’s handle cool. It improves gripping and lowers the possibility of burn mishaps.
1-Year Manufacturer Warranty – If any of the prestige idli cookers are not up to par, they will be replaced within a year of purchase.
Quick response and easy– Prestige offers heat protection, making the process of making idli simple. As a result, we can work quicker and more effectively
Versatile and reasonable price – The Prestige Idli Maker is quite affordable. It is less expensive than alternatives with the same characteristics.
Dishwasher-safe – The Prestige Idli cookware is low-maintenance and simple to clean. It can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

New Prestige Super Idli Cooker features summary

  • 2 handles bacilli. 
  • Best product quality. 
  • Stainless steel plates.
  • stainless-steel body.
  • Induction compatible.
  • Heavy idli stand.
  • Economical and versatile. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • 1-year warranty. 
  • Compatibility between Induction and Gas oven.
Its body is made of stainless steel, making cleaning it quite simple.Rust will not form after repeated washing with water.You may easily store it in small spaces due to its small size.It can easily be taken around because it is lightweight.It can make 16 Idlis at once despite its small size.Stainless steel handles tend to heat up and get difficult to hold.It costs more but is less powerful than similar products.


Soft, fluffy and delicious, idli is a South Indian breakfast delicacy made by steaming a smooth batter of rice and black fermented lentils. Idlis are also available in different variations, such as Rava idli, moong daal idli, vegetable idli, oats idli, ragi idli and many more. When consumed alone, idli is tasteless. When served with simple coconut chutney and sambar, it becomes one of the most delicious dishes you will ever consume. To create the best idlis, the best idli cooker is necessary.

Depending on the capacity, small family members or large family, a Prestige idli maker would be the ideal option. For the second batch, you can make the batter once more and pour it into the moulds. You can quickly create 20 more idlis using this method. Dishwasher safety is assured for this idli maker. Thus, washing it is simple and only requires a few buttons. It is simple to clean this idli cooker. Given the high quality of the product and the additional services the company provides to its consumers, this Cooker can be relied upon to be the best on the market. Why settle for less when you can pay for the best?

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