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Easy Hacks and Tips on How to Maintain your Dinnerware

How to Maintain your Dinnerware

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Ankit Kumar

Have you ever noticed that the taste of the food automatically enhances when the dinnerware is elegant and looks neat too. At the same time, who likes to eat freshly cooked Biryani with some stains from last night’s butter chicken you had in the new crockery set. Breaks heart, doesn’t it?

Buying a Dinner set is less tedious than maintaining it, but with proper care and a few simple tips, you can maintain your dinner set in the most organized manner.

Having said this, you should also understand Which Dinnerware Set Material is Best for Health?

There are several types of Dinnerware material such as Melamine, Bone China, Porcelain and every type needs some special care. For example, you cannot put Melamine plates in the Microwave or you should always check if your Stainless Steel crockery is compatible with the dishwasher.

So, today we will discuss how to maintain your dinnerware for each of these dinner sets. While you are at it, you can also check out the 7 Best Dinner Set in India and How to Clean your Non Stick Pans in 2022.


5 Types of Dinnerware

Types of Dinner Sets

How to Maintain Bone China Dinnerware

how to maintain your dinner set

There is no denying the fact that Bone China dinnerware is one of the most elegant dinner sets, but with elegance comes the need of maintaining this crockery type.

Invented in England, Bone China is also recognised as the king of porcelain and is considered as the Best dinnerware material for daily and occasional use.

Here are 6 simple tips on how you can manage your Bone China crockery:

DO NOT stack too many bone china plates one over another. Even though this material is chip resistant, over stacking can cause breakage. Instead, you can keep tissues between these plates to avoid breakage and provide some cushion at the same time.

Keep the weight constant:
If you decide to keep plates one above the other in a combination of 6 plates with tissues between them, make sure you create another row for more plates. Weight of the stack should not be too much for the plates to get imbalanced.

Avoid Newspapers:
Newspaper over a period of time can leak ink and no one would like stains of ink on such a classy dinner set. So, either use blank papers or soft tissues.

Constant Temperature:
The temperature of water to wash your Bone China dinnerware should be lukewarm and not too hot or not too cold.

Extra Layer:
It may be a good idea to keep a damp piece of cloth in the sink so even if you loose control of your dinnerware while dishwashing, that damp piece of cloth is still there as an extra layer of protection.

After Wash:
Once you have washed the crockery, turn it upside down on soft towels and allow it for quick drying. Do not start wiping the plates immediately after you have washed them.

How to Maintain Porcelain Dinnerware

how to clean your dinner set

Porcelain is quite similar to Bone China dinnerware except for the fact that Porcelain crockery is a bit thick and is created with a higher temperature as compared to Bone China.

But since this material is fragile, it needs some upkeep and here is how you can do this easily in 6 steps:

Be Gentle with the food:
A lot of times you will see some food ingredients from your last meal sticking to the porcelain plates. If that is the case, be gentle and do not try to scratch off dried food as you will end up marking scratches on your fancy crockery. Instead, just leave the plate in lukewarm water and let the food leave your plate naturally.

Avoid Lemons:
Do not use a lemon or other acidic detergents while cleaning porcelain crockery as these type of cleaners may prove to be harmful.

Serve Carefully:
Keep in mind your dinner set is at the room temperature while serving hot dishes on porcelain dinnerware. This way, you will reduce the rare chances of cracking the dinnerware when placing hot food contents.

Avoid Microwave:
Unless your dinner set is microwave compatible, avoid reheating the food in porcelain plates with the help of your microwave as this may lead to cracks.

Storage & Wash:
Similar to Bone China crockery, avoid stacking these plates on each other in large quantities and whenever possible, wash Porcelain dinnerware using your hands especially the plates with gold or platinum rims.

A 50-50 mixture of salt and vinegar is your best bet to remove even the most stubborn stains from Porcelain plates and same goes for Bone China material as well.

How to Maintain Stainless Steel Dinnerware

how to maintain your dinnerware

Stainless Steel as the name suggests is undoubtedly the most strongest and durable dinnerware materials. In India, this material is used in almost every home on a daily basis.

Stainless steel crockery is inexpensive and last for years to come, here is how you can take care of your Stainless Steel crockery in 4 simple steps:

Wash as soon as you can:
One of the ideal methods to maintain shine on your dinnerware is to wash them as soon as you are done with the meals. This way, you will not allow the food contents to stick to the dinnerware and they will be washed easily while they are fresh and non-sticky. 

Baking Soda:
Although, it is much easier to wash stainless steel cutlery, a combination of baking soda and water is the best to remove dirty old stains. If this does not work, let the paste of Baking Soda plus water stay overnight on the stains and you will have fresh and shining crockery next morning.

Microwave & Dishwasher:
Not all Stainless Steel dinnerware are compatible with Microwave and Dishwasher, hence do check the product manual before reheating or dishwashing.

Since knives contain a higher carbon content to provide a sharp blade like cut, they are also prone to corrosion if not kept properly. Avoid leaving steel knives to soak or store in damp conditions as knives will loose the polish after a while.

How to Maintain Earthenware Dinnerware

How to Maintain your Dinnerware

Earthenware crockery is usually cheaper as compared to the other types of dinnerware and looks very rusty, thick and heavy as well. When it comes to durability, this material may not be apt for your daily use.

Hence, you will need to be extra cautious while using this dinnerware set and here is how you should be maintaining your Earthenware Dinner Set:

Wash with your hands:
This is not the ideal material to go into dishwashers, hence the safe and the best strategy is to use your hands to wash and maintain earthenware dinner set.

Say No to Microwave:
Earthenware is derived from clay and has a porous surface, hence DO NOT reheat your food in Earthenware cutlery as this material is not safe for microwaves unless the product manual says otherwise.

Do not soak in Water:
Unlike other dinnerware materials, you cannot keep earthenware cutlery soaked into water for longer periods to avoid chances of breakdown. So, if you are dealing with a stubborn stain, use vinegar or baking soda to make a paste and wipe that paste with a damp cloth on the stain and you will see the results.

How to Maintain Melamine Dinnerware

HOW TO maintain MELAMINE DInnerware

Melamine is one of the safest and most durable dinnerware materials. Even if you have not used this material yet, there are chances you might have eaten off a melamine plate.

These plates are often used in Chinese restaurants in India as they are very inexpensive and is literally unbreakable. In spite of these benefits, you still need to take care of this dinnerware type and here is how you should do it:

Be Soft:
Because of the material texture, DO NOT use a hard sponge or scrub to wash or clean the melamine plates. Doing so will leave scratches on your dinnerware and trust us, it will not look pretty.

No to Microwave:
Unless the product manual says that your melamine plates are compatible with microwave, DO NOT use this crockery to reheat your food in a microwave. Surely, you will receive the warm food, but with melted plates too.

Rinse and Wash:
Due to the hard texture of these plates, it is a good idea to rinse and wash melamine cutlery as soon as possible. Leaving these plates without a wash will cause the sauce or other contents to dry up and eventually damage the texture and overall looks.

Wrapping Up – How to Maintain your Dinnerware

We hope by now you know how you can maintain your dinnerware so it looks classy, neat and shiny even after months and years of usage. This post should also help you in choosing the Best Dinner Set for your home or commercial use as you now not only know the pros/cons but also which of these dinnerware can you easily maintain and upkeep.

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