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5 Most Effective Tips on How to Clean Kitchen Sink in 2022

how to clean kitchen sink

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Ankit Kumar

The intent of this post is to cover the 5 most effective tips on how to clean kitchen sink in 2022.

Indian kitchens can get quite dirty, and kitchen is one of those areas, where you need maximum hygiene.

When we are cleaning our utensils, food leftovers get stuck in the kitchen drain, thus, creating all sorts of problems.

You might have your own way of cleaning the kitchen sinks, but we will cover some of the most effective ways on how to clean a stainless steel sink to maintain hygiene and avoid bad odours.

The good thing is you can clean a kitchen sink with some of the most eco-friendly and natural cleaners such as lemon, salt, baking soda, vinegar, etc.

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How to Clean Kitchen Sink

How to Clean Kitchen Sink

1. Clean it Naturally

How to Clean Kitchen Sink

One of the most effective ways to clean a kitchen sink is to clean it naturally, without using any chemicals, and only in a 100% eco-friendly way. But before you do this, make sure to sanitize the kitchen sink properly. By sanitization, we do not mean you have to spray a sanitizer all over the kitchen sink, but to give your kitchen sink a quick rinse before you start cleaning it.

You can start by removing all cups, plates, and garbage scraps from the kitchen sink. Make sure everything drains down the sink drain, so you can effectively clean the sink. Most of the Indian kitchen sinks are made from stainless steel, so the below method will apply for the majority of the Indian kitchens.

In order to clean your kitchen sink naturally, you are going to need lemons, baking soda, and white vinegar. You can either make a combo of these ingredients or use it separately to clean the kitchen sink.

Assuming you have all of these ingredients, you can start by sprinkling baking soda all over the sink and squeeze some lemon juice on top of the baking soda. This will make the solution a little bit wet, now you can use the same lemon peel to scrub the stainless steel sink. Once the scrubbing has been performed, wash the sink with the white vinegar. You can even use the same ingredients to unclog the kitchen drain effectively.

Using a combo of lemon, baking soda and white vinegar is one of the most effective ways to clean a kitchen sink naturally and to make your stainless steel sink shine.

2. Use Flour

how to clean stainless steel kitchen sink

Similar to the baking soda, white vinegar and lemon, every Indian kitchen has an abundant quantity of floor. As a matter of fact, flour is one of the best ways, if you want to know how to make stainless steel sink shine, quickly and effectively.

Especially for stainless steel kitchen sinks, flour is used as a very effective cleaning and shining agent. In order to clean the kitchen sink with flour, start by removing all the food leftovers, dishes from the sink. Give it a quick rinse, after removing everything from the sink.

Now make sure you dry out the sink completely before cleaning it with flour. The sink cannot be wet, as the flour will stick to it, and make the cleaning process very difficult. You can also use a paper towel or a clean cloth to dry out the sink.

Once the sink has been dried out, spread the flour on the sink, approximately half a cup of flour will work. Now start rubbing the surface of the sink in circular motions with a cotton towel. You will need to do this for 5 minutes, till you see a shining stainless steel kitchen sink.

3. Lemon & Salt

how to clean sink

Lemon and salt are not just to solve dehydration issues, but they have other uses too, especially when used in a combination. In fact, lemon and salt are one of the best and easiest cleaning solutions for modern Indian kitchens.

Every Indian kitchen has lemon and salt available all the time, which makes this combo a much readily available cleaning solution. In order to get started and clean the kitchen sink, all you have to do is sprinkle some salt in the sink, and scrub half of a lemon in the sink, squeezing the juice while scrubbing.

Both of these items will effectively remove the excess oil and grime from the kitchen sink. The citrus smell of lemon will leave a fresh flavour in the kitchen sink. Once this is done, rinse the kitchen sink with some warm water. Lemon can also be used as an alternative, if you do not prefer the smell of vinegar in your kitchen.

4. Coconut Shell

clean a kitchen sink from stains

This might sound weird, but coconut shells are a very effective way to clean the kitchen sink easily and quickly. Coconut shells have a rough exterior texture, which is absolutely perfect to clean the stainless steel kitchen sinks.

As a matter of fact, coconut shells can also be used to clean other home interior items. Coconut shells are easily available, and most importantly, they are natural, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

In addition to this, coconut shells have the tendency to stay fresh for longer periods, which means you can use them continuously for months. Moreover, coconut shells are durable enough to tackle burnt on food on stainless steel pans, gentle enough for non stick pans, and scratch resistant enough to be used on delicate glass and bone china dinnerware.

You can also use coconut shells with ash or any other natural cleansing ingredient to clean the kitchen sink. Once you have scrubbed the sink, give it a rinse of hot water to complete the process.

5. Use Bleach

Use bleach to clean sink

You can and, in fact, you should use bleach liquid to deep clean your kitchen sink at least once a month. Bacteria can grow anywhere, and if your stainless steel sink is not clean enough, you are allowing the bacteria to grow there too.

Bleach is known to be an extremely good disinfectant which can eliminate mold, bacteria, and viruses. Before using bleach to disinfect and deep clean the kitchen sink, make sure you clean the sink with soap and water.

Be sure to not use a lot of bleach, and do not mix it with other items such as vinegar, baking soda, etc. Instead of hot water, use cold water to dilute the bleach. Clean the sink thoroughly and then fill it with some water. Add a minute quantity of bleach, and let it sit there for the next 5 minutes.

Now, drain the sink, and use a damp sponge to give it a quick wipe-down, and let it air dry for some time. Once the sink is completely dry, use a combo of vinegar and water with a microfiber cloth to polish the sink, and this will do the job of deep cleaning your kitchen sink.

How to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink Drains

How to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink Drains

Now that you know how to clean a kitchen sink, and how to deep clean it, when required, unclogging the drain is another thing you should pay attention to, as no ones like a clogged drain.

Clogged kitchen drains are the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, and hence it is important that you clean them from time to time. Now, there are a few methods to unclog the kitchen sink drain, and of course, you can also take professional help to get this done.

One of the most easiest ways to unclog the kitchen drain is to unclog it with some hot water. You will basically need the water to boil to a temperature, where you can use the flow of the hot water to remove any leftovers, and unclog the drain easily.

You can also use salt to unclog the drain. All you have to do is pour some salt into the drain pipe, and wash it away with hot water. In addition to salt, people also use baking soda to unclog the kitchen drains. Simply pour some baking soda in the pipe, let it stay there for 15 minutes and then wash away with hot water.

There is another way to unclog the kitchen drain, especially if you do not want to use the natural ingredients to do this. You can simply get one of those plungers for unclogging purpose. Plungers can either be made from plastic or stainless steel. You can check out Cello Max Multifunctional Plunger if you want to unclog your kitchen drain this way.

FAQs – How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

FAQs - How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Q. What are the cleaner liquids I can buy in India to clean my kitchen sink?
A. You can buy CIF Abrasive surface cleaner cream, as it can be used as a kitchen cleaner to clean hobs, sinks, and kitchen tiles, as well as a bathroom cleaner to clean bathtubs, sinks, and bathroom tiles. Another choice is Lizol Kitchen Power Cleaner Liquid Spray, as it is perfect for stove, chimney and kitchen sink.

Q. How to remove chemical or acid stains from a stainless steel kitchen sink?
A. In order to removechemical or acid stains from your stainless steel kitchen sink, firstly make sure that you cover hands with protective gloves to avoid skin irritation from chemicals. Now, rinse the impacted area with water, make a paste of baking soda and water, pour the paste on the surface, and wash the stain thoroughly to remove the cleaners. Let the surface get air dry, that’s it.

Q. How to clean a kitchen sink faucet?
A. Most of the faucets in India are made from stainless steel, and if you also have one, you can clean it with some dish soap and warm water. To remove grime from the faucet, you can try using white vinegar or use a toothbrush with baking soda paste to remove the stains from the faucet.

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