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Measure your food and diet ingredients accurately with this HealthSense kitchen weighing scale.


Unit Conversion

Switch between grams, ml, pounds, ounces with 1 button 


Reset the weight without having to remove the previous content

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Quad Precision Sensors

Quad Precision Sensors

High precision G-force sensors for superior accuracy and faster response time

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Hygienic Weighing

Hygienic Weighing

Comes with a detachable BPA FREE plastic bowl for easier portioning & mixing

Impeccable Accuracy

Known for its best in class accuracy thanks to the advanced technology

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Pleasant Illumination

Pleasant Illumination

Large 66 x 29 mm, cool blue LCD with black fonts for easy readings

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Auto Off & Easy Cleaning

Auto Off & Easy Cleaning

Auto off will get activated after 120 seconds of inactivity and machine will switch off

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Perfect Portioning

Perfect Portioning

Weighing capacity up to 5Kg with a graduation of 1g, ideal for baking, cooking etc.

In the Box & Tech Specifications

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale comes with a 1 Year service warranty on manufacturing defects.

My mother wanted a weighing machine for her kitchen after she ran out of patience with the previous one. HealthSense is not new to us as we have previously bought HealthSense Personal Body Weight Machine and we are very satisfied with the experience, so we had no doubts about their kitchen weighing scale.

This premium brand is based out of Bangalore and currently manufactures BP monitors, massagers, pedometers, humidifiers etc.

Speaking about packaging and delivery, both of them were up to the expectations and as soon as we opened the box, we could feel that this product is of premium quality and looks very elegant as well in the kitchen. I mentioned we as my mother and I opened the package together as she was more excited than I was.

I wanted to do a small test before my mother starts using the machine without caring for this review, so I placed my iPhone SE (old version) on the machine and guess what, the machine came with a reading of 113 grams which is absolutely amazing as that’s the exact weight of iPhone SE. So, 10/10 in terms of accuracy and yes, I know the phone is old now but it’s compact too.

So, the weighing machine comes with non-toxic plastic bowl which is detachable and can be used to place food items that you want to weigh. Good thing is you can use the bowl for other needs as well. We received AAA batteries with the machine, but since I am a fan of Duracell, so I replaced those with Duracell.

Another thing that caught my attention was the big 66 x 29 mm, cool blue LCD with black text for easy readings and thanks to the LCD panel, you can see the numbers on this machine from the corner of your kitchen as well. Just below the LCD panel, you will see 2 buttons where one is for Unit and the other is On/Off/TARE.

With unit button, you can switch the weight measurement between grams, pounds, ml, oz. So, if it’s liquid, use ml otherwise you can use grams. TARE feature is interesting as it allows you to reset the weight to ZERO as you add ingredients one after another, without having to remove the previous contents. This is perfect if you want to weigh multiple items.

If you think about it, there are small things that can make a difference in the customer’s buying choice, for example LCD panel of the machine will display a “LO” Low Battery signal or Overload Indicator if weight of the food items is more than 5 kgs.

If there is inactivity of 120 seconds, the machine will switch itself off automatically which is kind of good to save battery in the long run.

Only thing that can be improved is the clunky sound that you get when you press any of the 2 buttons, rest everything is 10/10. We have used Amazonbasics weighing machine before, but it is not that impressive and after looking at the features and looks of this machine, I can say HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale is the Best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India.

If you rather need a weighing scale that comes with a weight capacity of more than 5 kgs, you can check out this digital kitchen weighing scale with a capacity of 15 kgs.

TIP: I don’t think HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale is waterproof, hence keep the machine away from water.

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HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

What buyers have to say

I wanted a kitchen weighing scale from sometime as I like to bake and cook, plus I wanted to keep a control on my diet, so I ordered this scale online. This machine is not only ultra lightweight but the accuracy and looks of the machine are also splendid, overall a good buy if you like to cook with precision and clarity.

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale User

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale Unboxing

In a Nutshell - HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale

Cooking is not fun if its not done with precision, similarly dieting may not help if you do not know the quantities that you should consume and lastly, baking requires accuracy as well. So, sooner or later you will need this kitchen essential and when you do, pick HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale as this is the best Kitchen Weighing Scale in India.

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