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Today, we will review and share our 1st hand experience of the Best Spin Mop with Bucket in India which comes with a unique Microfiber Cleaning technology and Big Wheels in Aqua Green colour and 2 Refills.


About Spotzero

Who is Spotzero?

Spotzero is a renowned Indian brand that provides efficient cleaning solutions for day to day life and SpotZero by Milton is the cleaning series. USP of this brand is to introduce products that are not only advanced in terms of technology, but also rough and tough for daily use. In fact, Spotzero, Milton, Treo and Claro are all sub divisions of Hamilton group.

Spotzero is known to manufacture Best Spin Mop with Bucket in India, price of a Spotzero spin mop varies from 900 rupees and can go up to 2,500 rupees.

The one we are going to review today is a round mop with microfiber stands that comes with the bucket and 2 big wheels.

Why Spotzero Mops?

Ever since Coronavirus lockdown has started, cleaning and hygiene needs have become more important. Your cleaning accessories such as spin mop, plunger, wiper or scrubber should be good enough to reach places where our hands cannot and this is exactly, why you need Spotzero.

Spotzero has been manufacturing cleaning essentials since decades and their spin mops are not only robust, but very efficient as well.

Some of their best spin mops apart from what we are going to review today are Spotzero by Milton Prime Mop and Spotzero by Milton Elite Spin Mop. Main difference between these two spin mops is the material Plastic and Steel.

6 Main Features of Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop

1. Microfiber Technology

Due to this technology, the surface area of microfiber products is over 15 times that of other conventional materials which means more & effective cleaning.

Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop With Big Wheels Microfiber Multipurpose Use

2. Multipurpose

This spin mop is a multipurpose cleaning appliance that can clean Liquid, Oil, Dust, and Bacteria. Plus you can also use it for dry or wet mopping on floor and even glass.

Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop Clip-lock Handle

3. Clip-lock

In order to adjust to the height of the cleaner, there is a height adjustable lock along the mop that can be locked and unlocked as per your preference.

Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop 360 Degree Spin Clean

4. 360 Degree
Spin Clean

With this mop's 360 degrees spin technology, you can reach all those corners of your house where the hands cannot go as the mop head is attached with an angular axle.

Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop With Big Wheels Microfiber Multipurpose Use big wheels

5. Big Wheels to Move Around

With a handle to pull the bucket and large size wheels, it becomes much easier to transport this spin mop from one place to another with minimal effort.

Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop bucket with drainage plug

6. Bucket with Drainage Plug

There is a drainage plug along the bottom of the bucket to exit the water once you are done with the cleaning.

Why do we need a cleaning mop when the same job can be done by just a piece of cloth worth rupees 50, why spend a thousand bucks?

Two things mainly, wiping the floor with a piece of cloth can be very intimidating and tiresome for your legs and knees and second, there are areas in your house where your hands will not reach and therefore you need some kind of support to let the cloth penetrate those areas.

We ordered this spin mop when the lockdown started in March this year as we literally realised the pain of maid not being able to come for cleaning, dusting, etc.

Delivery was surprisingly superfast at least in Delhi considering the limited manpower at that time. Spin Mop was received in a large packaging box in the Spotzero cartoon, 10/10 for packing. So, this is what we have seen in the last 6 months or so:

  • First thing we noticed is the large bucket can be used for cleaning and other purposes as well if the spin mop is not required
  • It comes in a twin bucket design with spinner in one bucket for easy wringing of the mop head
  • Wheels at the back are heavy duty and looked very solid, you can easily transport this spin mop from one place to the other
  • The fibre cloth attached to the mop handle is of good quality and absorbs water very quickly
  • I spilled some Coke as well to see how well the mop can absorb soft drink, and I was surprised to see that in no time, floor was squeaky clean
  • The overall spin mop is very lightweight around 3.3 kgs, so the amount of effort was minimal and the best part is no discomfort for legs and knees
  • You can easily extend the mop handle to 360 degrees and clean out the dust and hair from underlying areas, I have a Golden Retriever, and they shed hair like anything, but this mop worked well for me
  • You can also use the Liquid dispenser to add soap, perfume or disinfectant
  • I am 5 feet 9 inches tall, so the handle size was okay for me, but if you are short you can extend the handle as you need it and lock it before cleaning
  • Once you have cleaned the floor, you will find a silicone cap at the bottom to drain out the water
  • Steel wringer can be washed and locked thereafter.
  • Don’t forget, there is a 1 year warranty on this product.

On the basis of my experience with this spin mop in the last 6 months, I can say that microfiber material is far better than the other thread type material available in other brands.

Due to large bucket size, more water can be stored (up to 7 litres) and more area can be cleaned at one go. Since I have used other spin mops as well, I consider Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop as the Best Spin Mop with Bucket in India.

You can also check out Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket as I have heard (not used personally) that this is also a good spin mop.

Other Notable Features:

  • Package Dimensions :¬†54.5 x 30.5 x 28.1 cm;
  • Weight : 3.43 Kilograms
  • In the Box: 1-Piece Bucket, 1-Piece Handle and 2-Piece Round Refills

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Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin Mop Pros and Cons

What we loved!

What can be Improved?

Do let us know how do you find this product or if you have any questions. Drop a comment if you want us to review any other product, Happy Shopping!!

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