Top 7 Best Knife Sharpener in India 2021 – Comparison, Reviews and Buying Guide

best knife sharpener in India

If you are looking for the Best Knife Sharpener in India, there could be 2 main reasons for that, one your knife has become dull which is very dangerous by the way and second, you have bought an expensive knife and you want to take care of it.

Many of you might have heard a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife simply because you end up applying more force with a dull knife and in this process, you might end up injuring yourself if the knife slips.

This is exactly why, you need the Best Knife Sharpener in India because as long as you have a knife, it is going to need sharpening doesn’t matter how expensive the knife is.

A knife sharpener can also help you to improve the sharpness of your knife like it is brand new, this way you will not have to buy kitchen knives again and again.

There are several types of knife sharpeners such as manual, electric, stone sharpeners, etc. We have specially created a “Buying Guide” for your reference so you know everything about Knife sharpeners and how to choose one.

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Best Knife Sharpener in India Comparison 2021


Knife Sharpener

Type of Sharpener



Check Price

Victorinox, Swiss Made, Dual-knife sharpener

Victorinox Dual


40 grams

13 x 5 x 5 cm

FLYNGO Manual Knife Sharpener 3 Stage Sharpening Tool for Ceramic Knife and Steel Knives


Pull through

170 grams

22 x 8 x 5 cm

Fervent Silicone Carbide Combination Stone for Sharpening Both Knives and Tools (Multicolour, CSSC109)



350 grams

15 x 5 x 3 cm

Victorinox Knife Sharpener - Stainless Steel Portable for Professional Chefs & Household Use, Swiss Made



72 grams

13 x 6 x 4 cm

Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener (12inch Rod)

Rena Germany

Honing Steel

340 grams

20 x 14 x 14 cm

Petals Plastic Knife Sharpener, Green


Pull through

130 grams

41 x 9 x 7 cm

Zircon Knife Sharpener with Advanced 3-Stage Sharpener (Easy Manual Sharpening)


Pull through

170 grams

21 x 8.2 x 5 cm

Best Knife Sharpener in India Reviews 2021

1. Victorinox, Swiss Made, Dual-knife Sharpener

Victorinox, Swiss Made, Dual-knife sharpener

When it comes to Victorinox, it is one of the best kitchen cutlery brands in India. This brand is known to manufacture premium quality products, yes the price may be a little expensive as compared to other brands but you get a top-notch product for sure.

So, 1st product in our review of Best Knife Sharpener in India is a Dual knife sharpener from Swiss brand Victorinox. You can use this little ceramic pen shaped sharpener for pocket knives and other blades too.

This is one of the most lightweight knife sharpeners that you will see in India with a weight of only 40 grams. The first thing you will notice while unboxing is that the sharpener is very compact.

This 2-in-1 knife sharpener will easily sharpen any Victorinox and Non-Victorinox knives you have within a few seconds. 

The longer ceramic gives the required sharpness and the smaller one maintains the angle of cut to 15 degrees on both sides of the knife. During our tests, we also used it on other kitchen knives and it got them to a very reasonable sharpness in literally no time.

Length of the blade is around 9 inches and material is Stainless Steel. While using this sharpener, be cautious not to pull the edge of whatever tool you are sharpening towards your fingers as hands tend to get a bit leaky if you have a lapse in concentration.

Overall, this pen shaped sharpener is one of the Best Professional knife sharpener in India.

Other Details:
Weight – 40 grams
Dimensions – 12.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 Centimeters
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Black

Pros of Victorinox Dual Knife Sharpener:
Great design, no fear of breaking even if dropped
Multi-purpose tool
Best for professional use
Loved the clip which allows it to be carried easily as a pen
Sharpens the knife within seconds

Cons of Victorinox Dual Knife Sharpener:
Expensive as compared to other brands

2. Flyngo Manual Knife Sharpener 3 Stage Sharpening Tool

FLYNGO Manual Knife Sharpener 3 Stage Sharpening Tool for Ceramic Knife and Steel Knives

This is a 3-stage knife sharpening tool from Flyngo which works amazingly for pocket knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives such as Chef knife, Cleaver, Paring, Sushi knife, etc.

The 3 stages of this knife sharpener from Flyngo are as follows:

1. Ceramic: The 1st stage uses hard diamond rods to pre-grind out of shape blades, it is perfect for restoring blunt knives.

2. Coarse: In this stage, tungsten steel provides coarse or rough sharpening that reinstates the blade to a V-shape, making it sharp again.

3. Fine: In the 3rd stage, you can now polish the knife blade by honing the knife with a ceramic stone.

Voilà, this is it and you now have a knife as good as a new one.

The body of the sharpener is made from high quality ABS plastic and it comes with a large ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber base, so your sharpener will stand firm while you do the sharpening.

When you are sharpening your knife with this sharpener, do not pull the knife backward and forward. It is one-directional and works like a charm if you apply just some mild pressure, no brute force.

Note: We noticed that the markings on the product are not correct but just remember that you must use the three sharpeners left to right where left being the harshest which will slice off metal from the blade and the rightmost for regular use.

Other Details:
Weight – 170 grams
Dimensions – 21.8 x 8.2 x 5.4 cm
Material – ABS Plastic
Colour – Black

Pros of Flyngo Manual Knife Sharpener:
3 stage sharpener
Good quality, strong and durable
Does the job within a few strokes

Cons of Flyngo Manual Knife Sharpener:
Incorrect markings, hope the brand fixes it soon

3. Fervent Silicone Carbide Combination Stone

Fervent Silicone Carbide Combination Stone

This knife sharpener is a stone made from the combination of silicon and carbon. Whether your knife is made from stainless steel or carbon steel, this stone will come handy to sharpen the blades and the edges.

There are 2 sides of the stone where one side can be used for repairing steel cutting edges and other can be used for sharpening and maintaining them. You can use the stone to restore cutting edges on straight-edged tools, such as chisels, knives, plane blades, kitchen shears, precision instruments, etc.

Due to the way surface of the stone has been built, you will never see your knife or any other tool slipping. While using this knife sharpener, use the complete surface of the whetstone for better results and sharpening, not just the middle of the stone.

With one coarse side and one fine side, this grinding stone will give you very effective results, but at the same time it is a time consuming activity and can take up to 25 minutes to sharpen your knife as you also need to keep the stone in water for 20 minutes before use.

The sharpener has a heat resistant and corrosion resistant sharpening system that demarcates the corners and edges clearly. You can go for this stone to sharpen your knives if you are looking for a very easy set up and not a complicated 3-stage process, overall this silicone carbide stone is the Best Manual knife sharpener in India.

Other Details:
Weight – 350 grams
Dimensions – 15 x 5 x 2.5 cm
Material – Silicone Carbide
Colour – Multi-colour

Pros of Fervent Silicone Carbide Combination Stone:
Easy to use
Very Affordable
Gives sharp results

Cons of Fervent Silicone Carbide Combination Stone:
Takes time to give results

4. Victorinox Knife Sharpener

Victorinox Knife Sharpener - Stainless Steel Portable for Professional Chefs & Household Use, Swiss Made

This is a handheld knife sharpener from Victorinox which is made from stainless steel. To save time and effort both, Victorinox has created this knife sharpener with a convenient ceramic V-Groove shape which ensures that all the sharpening needs are met with the required speed.

Super lightweight at only 72 grams, this knife sharpener is capable of giving your knife a razor edge. In our tests, we found out that we only need 3 strokes to give our knives a sharp edge. We also noticed that this sharpener does not remove large slivers of metal like many others, it leaves blades smooth.

One tip, do not apply too much pressure, just the medium pressure and a few swipes, you will see excellent results. Due to the compact size, you can carry this knife sharpener anywhere with you and use it on all knives with plain blades, but not the serrated ones.

This is an ideal and best knife sharpener for both home use and professional use in India, something that will last for years to come and you will not have to keep replacing the knives or the sharpener, Best Victorinox knife sharpener in India.

Other Details:
Weight – 72 grams
Dimensions – 13.49 x 6.48 x 3.58 cm
Material – Stainless Steel
Colour – Grey

Pros of Victorinox Knife Sharpener:
Easy to use
Best for both home and professional use
Made from stainless steel, durable
Does not remove too much metal

Cons of Victorinox Knife Sharpener:
A little pricey as compared to other knife sharpeners

5. Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener

Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener (12inch Rod)

Brand Rena used to be a joint venture between a German company and an Indian family for over 50 years. In 2017, the shareholding of the German company was acquired and the company is now proudly 100% Indian owned, but they have not changed the name to pay respect to their German roots.

Speaking about this knife sharpener, it looks like a very simple rod but this simple rod is capable of sharpening your knife to an extent that it will almost feel as new.

This honing steel rod is made from high quality carbon stainless steel and has clear and fine ridges on the surface to give your knife some excellent sharpness. The handle of the rod is made from Virgin Polypropylene meaning the rod is durable and will last for generations.

In order to use this manual knife sharpener, you will need to hold down the handle by pressing the rod and hold the knife with another hand. Tip of the knife should be parallel to the rod in 20 degrees. By pulling the knife towards you and repeating this process to the other edge on the other side, your knife will be sharp as new in a few seconds.

This is one of the very few knife sharpeners in India which is also ideal for Serrated knives in addition to Plain Knives, Meat Cleavers, Scissors, Chopping Knife, Fish knife, etc. It works very well on ceramic and steel blades. The bottom of the rod is slip-resistant so your sharpener will stay in place during use.

Sharpening surface of the rod is 12 inches which means it is good enough to handle Chef knife or any other large knife you have in your kitchen. This is an ideal knife sharpener for those are not very comfortable in holding the whetstone.

This knife sharpener from Rena is not only affordable, but it gives accurate results as well with complete ease of use making it the best manual knife sharpener in India for home and professional use.

Other Details:
Weight – 340 grams
Dimensions – 20 x 14 x 14 cm
Material – High Carbon Stainless Steel
Colour – Grey

Pros of Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener:
Made from High Carbon Stainless Steel
Very easy to use
Affordable and budget knife sharpener in India
Easy to maintain

Cons of Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener:

6. Petals Plastic Knife Sharpener

Petals Plastic Knife Sharpener, GreenThis is a plastic knife sharpener from Petals, a very simplistic design and will do the job just right. You will see the sharpener is very easy to use and will sharpen the knife effectively.

Price of this sharpener from Petals is very affordable as compared to the other best knife sharpeners in India. This is a single stage knife sharpener that has a metal side for coarse sharpening and ceramic side for fine sharpening.

We found out during our testing that this sharpener is not as good with expensive knives such as Victorinox as it is with cheap knives. So, if you have expensive knives in your kitchen, we don’t recommend this knife sharpener. You can still buy it to sharpen Indian manufactured knives.

Once you sharpen your knife with this product, you will not need to do it again at least for a month.

Other Details:
Weight – 130 grams
Dimensions – 41 x 9.2 x 7 cm
Material – Plastic
Colour – Green

Pros of Petals Plastic Knife Sharpener:
Easy to use with single stage operation
Reasonable and best budget knife sharpener in India

Cons of Petals Plastic Knife Sharpener:
Not ideal for expensive knives

7. Zircon Knife Sharpener with Advanced 3-Stage

Zircon Knife Sharpener with Advanced 3-Stage Sharpener (Easy Manual Sharpening)

The last product in our review of best manual knife sharpeners in India is a 3-stage knife sharpener from Zircon.

This is an advanced knife sharpener which can provide your carbon or steel knives a new life. There are 3 slots in this knife sharpener and each slot has been designed in a way that ensures minimal effort is required.

To get started and sharpen your knife, you have to insert the blade and drag it through 4-6 times. You can use this sharpener with any sort of knife such as Chef knife, paring knife, except for knives with serrated blades.

You can go for this knife sharpener if you are not looking to spend more than 300-400 INR, rest assured it will perform the job efficiently.

Other Details:
Weight – 170 grams
Dimensions – 21 x 8.2 x 5.2 cm
Material – ABS Plastic
Colour – Black

Pros of Zircon Knife Sharpener:
Easy to use
Saves time

Cons of Zircon Knife Sharpener:
Not ideal for expensive knives

Which is the Best Knife Sharpener in India in 2021

All these 7 products are currently the best knife sharpeners in India, but if you have to get one of these, we recommend to choose one as per the knife you have.

For high-end knives such as Victorinox, you can go for a Victorinox Dual Knife Sharpener.

For all other knives, we strongly recommend Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener or Flyngo Manual Knife Sharpener with 3-Stage process.

Buying Guide for Best Knife Sharpener in India

If you end up with an average knife sharpener, not only your knives will become more blunt but there is a risk of injuries too. Hence, invest in the right and best quality knife sharpener and be cautious of all the factors that you should know before buying one of these.

Types of Knife Sharpener

Back in the stone ages, our ancestors used to sharpen their blades using rocks and stones. Well, you and I can still do that but who is going to go to the office and earn money then, huh?

With the evolution of human beings and time, sharpeners have evolved too. So let’s discuss the different types of Knife sharpeners, their advantages and disadvantages and their price range as well.

Electric Knife Sharpener

best electric knife sharpener in India

Electric knife sharpeners are not very popular in India but they do have some presence in Western countries. As the name suggests, electric knife sharpeners needs electricity to use a rotating wheel to grind the new edge. Similar to manual sharpeners, they have a 2 or 3 stage sharpening process but with the help of a motor. In most of the electric knife sharpeners, angles are already set so you don’t have to set it manually.

Best Electric knife sharpener in India – Lymio Electric Knife Sharpener

Pros of Electric Knife Sharpener:
Quick sharpening of knives
Least Manual intervention required
Each slot has its own function

Cons of Electric Knife Sharpener:
They are expensive
Can take up some storage
If not careful, you might damage your knife

Handheld Knife Sharpener

best handheld knife sharpener in iNDIA

With a handheld sharpener, process of sharpening the knife is pretty much similar to an electric sharpener except the use of electricity. Here, you either draw the knife through the slots while the sharpener is placed on a flat surface, or the sharpener is drawn down the length of the blade while the knife is carefully held down on a table. This type of knife sharpener is very popular in Indian market and is affordable too.

Best Handheld knife sharpener in India – Flyngo Manual Knife Sharpener

Pros of Handheld Knife Sharpener:
Does not take a lot of time
Effective sharpening
Compact and does not take too much space

Cons of Handheld Knife Sharpener:
Requires more effort than electric sharpeners
Cannot use with serrated knives

Sharpening Stones

best sharpening stone for knives in India

A very popular knife sharpening choice from the old ages and is still preferred by a lot of professional chefs. This is basically a stone upon which you need to place blade of the knife and then grind it at a certain angle to make it sharp. Stone sharpeners are of two types mainly i.e. Oilstones and Waterstones. In India, waterstones are more popular as compared to oilstones.

Best Sharpening Stone knife sharpener in India – Zhart Knife Sharpener or Trilancer 2-Sided Grit Knife Sharpener if you are a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast.

Pros of Sharpening Stones:
Fine grits offer superior finishing & polishing

Cons of Sharpening Stones:
Needs a steady hand
Some of these stones can be very expensive like Trilancer 2-Sided Grit Knife Sharpener

Honing Steels

best honing steels in India

A honing rod is one of the most simplest forms of knife sharpening. It is in the form of a strong metallic or a ceramic rod mounted onto a handle which is either made from plastic or fibre. Passing the knife on either side of the rod helps to sharpen the knife blade. The Rena Germany knife sharpener is also a honing rod and it sells like hotcakes in India. You can sharpen the knife in a few seconds with a honing steel rod.

Best Honing Rod knife sharpener in India – Rena Germany Manual Knife Sharpener

Pros of Sharpening Stones:
Fine grits offer superior finishing & polishing

Cons of Sharpening Stones:
Needs a steady hand
Some of these stones can be very expensive like Trilancer 2-Sided Grit Knife Sharpener

Serrated Knife Sharpeners

Serrated Knife Sharpeners

If you have been using a serrated knife, don’t just buy any knife sharpener as blades of a serrated knife are designed differently and using any random knife sharpener will damage the serrated blades. Thus, you should always refer to the product label if the knife sharpener is compatible with serrated blades.

Best Serrated Knife Sharpener in India – Rena Germany Knife Sharpening Rod for Serrated Knives.

Pros of Serrated Knife Sharpeners:
Does the job well
Durable and affordable

Cons of Serrated Knife Sharpeners:
Not easily available

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Knife Sharpener

1. Safety: A sharp knife is much safer to use than a dull knife as chances of slipping are more with a dull knife. With the best knife sharpener, you can always sharpen your knives at ease and not deal with a dull knife again.

2. Precision: With a sharp knife, you have that ability to make precise cuts while cooking. Precision helps in not only effective and faster cooking, but it also enhances the taste and smell.

3. Saves Time and Money: You will occasionally see knife sharpening craftsmen in the Indian streets and roads, but there is also a downside to it not only in terms of money but also it takes some time. When you invest in a knife sharpener, you can save money and time too.

4. No Expertise Required: With a knife sharpener, you only need to read the instructions on the product label and follow the same. You don’t need to be an expert to sharpen your knife. Moreover, with an electric knife sharpener you only have to press the button and it will do the job on its own.

5. Multi-Purpose: If you have a good quality knife sharpener, it can act as a multi-purpose tool to sharpen all your kitchen knives, but also other tools such as scissors, blades, etc.

How to Choose a Knife Sharpener

1. Safety: Without a doubt, safety is the most important aspect that you should look at before buying a knife sharpener. Make sure base of the knife sharpener is anti-skid or a rubber base and the handle is ergonomic for better comfort.

2. Suitability: Your knife sharpener has to be suitable and compatible with the knife. For a knife with longer blades, you will need a large knife sharpener, and for very sharp blades you will need a sharpener with hard abrasive material. In a nutshell, the sharpening material of the knife sharpener must always be harder than your knife blade.

3. Output: Over sharpening a knife may look interesting, but it has the ability to reduce the lifespan of your knife. Avoid buying a sharpener that can inflict maximum pressure on the knife and eventually damage the blades.

4. Grit: Irrespective of the type of knife sharpener, there is always a grit. In simple words, the level of grit depends on how much metal is taken off during the course of sharpening. To give you a perspective, a Medium grit (labeled as 1000-3000 grit) is used to sharpen dull knives that aren’t damaged whereas fine grit (4000-8000) is similar to a honing steel and is used to refine your knife’s edge.

5. Size: A knife sharpener will need to be kept somewhere in your kitchen, not all Indian kitchens are designed with a lot of space. Hence, you will need to be cautious of the space your sharpener is going to take, so do check the dimensions before buying the best knife sharpener machine for home use in India.

6. Angle of Sharpening: You need to sharpen a knife at a certain angle and that’s how you get the best results. Good thing is most of the knife sharpeners already have pre-assigned slots where you can place the knife’s blade to sharpen your knife. Sharpening rods and grinding stones do not have any angles as such and you need to place the blade at 15-20 degrees forming a V-shape.

How long does it take to sharpen a knife?

Sharpening a knife can take anywhere from 1 minute to 45 minutes depending on the type of knife, blade, your skills, experience, type of sharpening device, etc.

Here is how much time will it take on an average to sharpen a knife:

  • Sharpening Rods for honing: 1-3 minutes
  • Pull-through sharpener: 3–4 minutes
  • Electric Pull-through sharpener: 3–4 minutes
  • Sharpening stones: 20-45 minutes

FAQs – Best Knife Sharpener in India

Q: Can I sharpen scissors with a knife sharpener?
A: Although a few brands claim to sharpen scissors as well with a knife sharpener, but it is something we don’t recommend unless you have a branded knife sharpener such as Victorinox. Using a knife sharpener on scissors may lead to adverse results such as damaged blades, etc.

Q: Can knife sharpeners cause damage to blades?
A: It really depends on how you are going to use your knife sharpener. Sharpening a knife with sharpener is not a difficult task at all, but you still need to ensure you don’t overdo it as you don’t want edges to chip off while sharpening.

Q: How often can you use a knife sharpener?
A: Generally speaking, you can have your knife sharpened 3-4 times a year if you don’t use your knife a lot. The frequency of knife sharpening also depends on the usage as well as the material your knife is made from. For example, Stainless Steel knives usually want honing after 2-4 uses whereas Carbon steel knives should be honed after each use.

Q: Can I use a knife sharpener on ceramic knives?
A: Ceramic knives are not compatible with every knife sharpener. Hence, you need to look out for dedicated diamond rod based knife sharpeners which can sharpen a ceramic knife effectively.

Q: Can a knife sharpener be used on all kind of knives?
A: Yes and no, if only the knife sharpener comes with different slots and stages with different sharpening materials, you can use that sharpener to sharpen all kind of knives you have in the kitchen. But this is not possible especially for knives with serrated blades as these blades are very different from the plain edge blade knives.

Q: Which is the best professional knife sharpener in India?
A: With a grit of 1,000 – 6,000, an anti-skid rubber base, Trilancer whetstone is the best professional knife sharpener in India that can handle a wide range of blades including kitchen knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, scissors, chisels, razors, hatchets, axes, carving and gardening tools.

You can also choose Victorinox Knife Sharpener if you are a professional Chef or love cooking as it comes with a convenient ceramic V-groove shape which ensures that all the sharpening needs are met with the required speed.

Q: How to sharpen your kitchen knife at home without a knife sharpener?
A: If you have a dull knife and do not want to buy a knife sharpener, you can try to use the unglazed bottom of a ceramic mug to sharpen small knives. You will need to apply moderate pressure, hold the knife at a 15-degree angle and carefully draw the entire length of the blade across the rough surface to sharpen your knife.

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