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7 Best Hand Sanitizer in India (2022)

best hand sanitizer in india

You are still going to need the Best Hand Sanitizer in India while scientists around the globe work hard to send Coronavirus out of earth’s orbit into Mars. There was a time when you needed your wallet, car keys, sunglasses and a pack of cigarettes while going out, well guess what the checklist has changed and now you are going to need your face mask and most importantly a sanitizer to keep yourself away from Covid-19 virus. 

Maybe, wearing a mask on your face with sanitizer in your pocket has already become a new normal in most parts of the world, in India most of us are still trying to get used to this. Remember, it’s going to be a collective effort and everyone will have to be cautious in post Coronavirus era. 

If you have not got the Best Face Mask in India already, please check our post and get it asap. While you do that, also check what kind of Immunity Boosters you must consume everyday to fight against infections and the disinfectants you should be using to keep your home clean.


Best Hand Sanitizer in India (2022) – Comparison




Alcohol %

Check Price

Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer | Alcohol Based Sanitizer (Regular) - 500 ml

Dabur Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Gel based Ayurvedic formulation, Fragrance: Regular, Lemon & Strawberry


Himalaya PureHand Sanitizers - 500 ml (Orange)

Himalaya PureHand Sanitizer

Prevents itching with a cooling effect, Fragrance: Orange, Lime


Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Quick dry and non sticky


Amazon Brand - Solimo Hand Sanitizer Gel-75% v/v alcohol-with Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil, 500 ml

Amazon Brand – Solimo Hand Sanitizer

Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Vitamin E extracts


Mediker Hand Sanitizer,70 % Alcohol Based Sanitizer,Instantly Kills 99.9% Germs Without Water,Use Anytime, Anywhere,500 ml

Mediker Hand Sanitizer

Rinse-free & Non-sticky


Germinox Hand Sanitizer

Germinox Hand Sanitizer

Made in India, made from natural extracts


palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 72% Alcohol Based Sanitizer, Kills Germs Instantly, Non Sticky, Gentle on Hands, 500ml

Palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Non-sticky gel based, Citrus fragrance


Soap vs Sanitizer - Which is best?

soap vs sanitizer

Did you know there is a difference in washing your hands with a soap and sanitizing them? Medical professionals have stated there is nothing better than washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds. But let’s be honest, how many times have you counted these 20 seconds just to be done with it.

When you wash your hands with soap, you remove dust and germs from your hands that you can pass from your hands to your face or someone else. On the other hand, sanitizers is equally productive in killing germs, but it will not remove dust from your hands. 

For a sanitizer to work effectively, it has to contain at least 60% alcohol. We recommend alcohol based sanitizers as it is effective for most respiratory viruses plus the Covid-19 virus.

When it comes to washing your hands with soap, you are not only killing germs but you are also removing dirt or dust that could eventually make you sick. But the problem is hand washing needs to be done right otherwise, it’s in effective. 

For starters, it has to be done for 20 seconds at least which means singing Happy Birthday song twice. Second, you will not always have access to running water and a clean soap to wash your hands while you are out in public.

Hence, carrying a sanitizer when you are out and washing hands for 20 seconds while you are at home is the most effective solution.

When to Wash/Sanitize your Hands?

when to wash and sanitize your hands

How to Wash Your Hands Effectively in 5 steps?

Your hands are the gateway for viruses and bacteria to enter and damage your respiratory system. You can prevent yourself from infections by doing little things right for example, DO NOT touch your face, wear a mask while you are out, avoid touching surfaces in public places and keep your house clean using Surface Disinfectants.

In addition to this, don’t forget to follow these 5 simple tips while washing your hands:

  1. Wet your hands with clean running water, it can be hot or cold, apply soap after you have turned off the tap
  2. Now, rub your hands, be sure to create froth on back of your hands, between your fingers and around nails
  3. Do this for at least 20 seconds, sing a song or think about your favourite person but do this for 20 seconds
  4. Cleanse your hands under clean running water
  5. Last, dry your hands with a clean towel or let them air dry but don’t leave it wet as wet hands will pick up and transfer germs easily.

Types of Sanitizers

Scientifically, there are many types of sanitizers, but we only need to know 2 main types i.e. Alcohol based and Alcohol free hand sanitizer.

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer: As the name suggests, these sanitizers comes with an alcohol concentration starting at 60% and can go up to 95%. These sanitizers are very effective in instantly killing 99.9% microorganisms, bacteria, viruses etc and are much preferred to fight Coronavirus disease. Easy to carry in your pocket and can be used on the go.

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer: These sanitizers do not include any alcohol content, and they are not as effective as alcohol based hand sanitizers. Contrary to alcohol sanitizers, non-alcoholic sanitizers form foam once you rub hands. They are more water based foam and hence inflammable.

Due to heavy demand of sanitizers in lieu of Coronavirus, it is possible that some of these may be out of stock while you are checking them online. Hence, keep checking and you will see your Best Hand Sanitizer online back soon.

Best Hand Sanitizer in India (2022) - Reviews

An Ayurvedic brand that has given 135+ years of trusted protection and does not need an introduction. Dabur Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60% effectively kills 99.9% germs without the use of soap & water thereby reducing your chances of getting infected considering 80% of common infections are spread by hands.

This is a gel based sanitizer which means soft on hands plus the fact it smells good, you also have a choice of choosing between Regular, Lemon & Strawberry variants. This sanitizer has a press down nozzle, a service life of 2 years during which it will give you on the go protection whether you are travelling, in office or home.

With a 500 ml bottle, you can cover your entire family and fight against infections. If you want to buy this sanitizer in small variants as well, there is a 125 ml, 250 ml as well. 

In our opinion, Dabur Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer is a perfect option for those who are not looking for a sticky sanitizer and want to stay with the brand which is why we call this as Best Hand Sanitizer in India.

In a Nutshell:

Bestseller in Sanitizers
60% alcohol content
Kills 99.9% germs instantly
Gel based sanitizer
Comes in 3 aromatic fragrances

Himalaya PureHand Sanitizer is a potent, herbal, alcohol based hand sanitizer and made to kill 99.9% of germs thereby preventing chances of infection. This sanitizer contains extracts of herbs like Coriander and Lime.

Coriander as you know has effective antimicrobial properties and lime on the other hand is a natural bactericidal. In addition to these 2 herbs, this sanitizer also contains active ingredients of Neem which are antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral, safely keep viruses, bacteria and fungi at bay from you and your family.

You will not feel any kind of itching after applying this sanitizer as it not only removes excess heat from the body but also gives a cooling effect to your hands. Himalaya gives you a choice to choose from any variant or size, for example, there are sizes available from 100 ml to 750 ml and fragrances such as Orange, lime, Green Apple, Strawberry.  

Due to the presence of herbal ingredients, variety of choice & size and most importantly it’s effectiveness in fighting infections, we have added Himalaya PureHand Sanitizer to our list of Best Hand Sanitizer in India.  

In a Nutshell:

Bestseller in Sanitizers
Herbal sanitizer
Coriander, Vetiver, Nutgrass, Ginger lily & Neem
60% alcohol content

Lifebuoy has been a preference of Indian families when it comes to personal hygiene. With an alcohol concentration ranging from 60%-70%, this sanitizer gives you an instant germ protection without any need for water.

The gel based sanitizer from Lifebuoy contains Glycerin that acts as a moisturizer and prevents itching or irritation in skin. You will find the Lifebuoy sanitizer quick to dry, non-sticky and moreover, it can be used by kids when they are out playing or in school. 

This specific sanitizer is in 500 ml size, but you can also buy one as per your requirement with quantities ranging from 75ml to 750 ml. Lifebuoy, Himalaya and Dabur are undoubtedly the Best Sanitizer Brands in India, so you can pick any of these and rest assured you will be happy with your money spent on one of these brands.

In a Nutshell:

Kills 99.9% bacteria & virus
Moisturizes your skin
Aromatic Fragrance
60% – 70% alcohol content
Good for children and adults both

This one is from the house of Amazon itself, a sanitizer gel with an impressive alcohol concentration of 75% and 99.9% protection against germs. As per studies, medicinal properties increase with the higher concentration of alcohol. Even in ancient times in Egypt and Rome, alcohol was mixed in medicines to have a greater impact and healing. 

This sanitizer does not contain any harmful chemicals which means it’s good to be used on a daily basis even though it’s not from the league of Best Sanitizer Brands in India such as Dabur, Himalaya and Lifebuoy. Another noteworthy feature of this sanitizer is the inclusion of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Vitamin E extracts which protects your skin from allergies and has hydrating and moisturizing properties too.

Some medical practitioners have also recommended this sanitizer due to greater concentration of alcohol and rated this product as the Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India

In a Nutshell:

Bestseller under Amazon flagship
Aloe Vera, Vitamin E extracts
Impressive 75% alcohol content
Nozzle for easy use

Mediker Hand Sanitizer is a Quality product that comes from the makers of Parachute and Saffola and has been in business for over 50 years now. It was after the global pandemic Coronavirus came in India, Marico Ltd. launched this sanitizer and with public trust, this sanitizer has quickly made its way to the list of Best Hand Sanitizer in India. 

As far as ingredients are concerned, with a 70% alcohol content, you should expect instant 99.9% germ free clean hands. This sanitizer is gentle on hands and gel based non-sticky with an aromatic fragrance that you will surely love.

In a Nutshell:

70% alcohol content
Rinse free protection on the go
Gentle on hands
Impressive fragrance


A proud “Make in India” hand sanitizer that has an alcohol concentration of 75% which means this sanitizer is not only effective in killing germs and keeping you away from infections but this product has also managed to sell quite well on E-Commerce websites and local stores.

As compared to Ethanol, this sanitizer includes Isopropyl meaning Germinox hand sanitizer can be purely used as a cleaning disinfectant. As compared to antiseptic soaps, Germinox provides a better skin tolerance & microbial killing strength.

Per our tests, we found this product to be one compact sanitizer that you can easily carry anywhere, use it in ample quantity with a touch of fresh mild fragrance. We can surely come to the conclusion that Germinox is one of the Best Hand Sanitizer in India as of now and that too a “Make in India” product.

In a Nutshell:

75% alcohol content
Enduring, clean and refreshing

Last one in today’s list of 7 Best Hand Sanitizer in India is another “Make in India” and antibacterial hand sanitizer from Palmolive. This sanitizer has been created by the American MNC with an alcohol concentration of 72.34%. An ideal sanitizer to kill 99.9% germs instantly without using soap or water.

You will enjoy this sanitizer in Citrus fragrance while it gives a real non-sticky feel to your hands. Palmolive is a trusted brand and it has a proven track record in Indian market plus this sanitizer is really soft on your hands and the fact it has an amazing fresh aroma makes it an ideal buy for Best Hand Sanitizer in India.

In a Nutshell:

Bestseller in Sanitizers
Very soft on your hands
72% alcohol content
Everlasting fragrance

Note: We at always ensure that product information is accurate and there may be occasions manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our website or for that matter any other website. 

Therefore, we recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

The Final Verdict - Which is the Best Hand Sanitizer in India (2022)

One thing with Sanitizers is don’t buy something from the roadside you have never heard of. Sanitizers can be prepared at home as well and this is why, there are a lot of new entrepreneurs in the hygiene industry. Remember, you are trusting the sanitizer to protect you and your family from Coronavirus and other infections, so please understand this is not a medicine but just a channel of prevention.

Our recommendation is go with a brand where your trust lies, all these 7 Sanitizers are in huge demand, they sell because they are doing their job effectively and this is why, these sanitizers are the 7 Best Hand Sanitizer in India & also our recommendation.

Stay Safe!!

How to Sanitize Your Hands Effectively with Hand Sanitizer?

Can I make my own Hand Sanitizer at home?

Theoretically, yes there are thousands of DIY tutorials on how to make a sanitizer at your home, but practically here’s why you should think twice before doing it:

  • CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends washing hands with soap is the best solution against germs, it’s generally wise to use sanitizers when you don’t have access to running water and soap to wash hands. Thus, making a sanitizer at home would not really push you to wash your hands while being at home.
  • Sanitizers with genuine license are created in labs and it goes through a complex mix of ingredients to provide you with the best benefit and at the same time making sure it’s best for your skin as well and doesn’t cause any burns or injuries. 
  • Making a hand sanitizer at home is harder than it seems and with limited medical knowledge, you do not want to create something for you and your family that is too harsh.
  • The recipe from WHO’s official instructions does not recommend use of essential oils because they can create allergies, on the other hand a lot of DIY videos have used essential oils to overshadow the smell of alcohol.
  • In the end, trying to make something with limited knowledge to save yourself and your family is after all not a very good idea, there is an old saying prevention is better than cure, so let’s adhere to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is hand sanitizer effective against Covid-19?
A: Till the time, there is no vaccine or medicine available, the best course of action is to keep your hands clean. This is because, 80% of the infections spread through the hands. That’s why hand sanitizers with alcohol content of at least 60% becomes so crucial to fight Covid-19. WHO recommends washing your hands multiples times a day with soap for 20 seconds if you are at home. Use sanitizers when you don’t have to access to soap and running water.

Q: Can I add alcohol to my non-alcohol hand sanitizer?
A: No, by doing this you will create something that is not effective at all. 

Q: Where should I store my hand sanitizer?
A: Alcohol based hand sanitizers should be stored in a cool place. At all times avoid direct sunlight, keeping it in car or anywhere near gas. 

Q: Which hand sanitizer is best in India?
A: There are thousands of alcohol based and alcohol free hand sanitizers, but Dabur Alcohol Sanitizer is currently the best hand sanitizer in India. If you cannot find Dabur, you should go for anything between Himalaya PureHand Sanitizer or Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer.

Q: Which is the best sanitizer brand in India?
A: Dabur, Himalaya and Lifebuoy are the best sanitizer brands in India.

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