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21 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022

Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend

Looking for the Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022? Don’t sweat out as you are not the only one, October-November is that time of the year when almost everyone is looking to exchange or buy gifts, be it Diwali gifts for your girlfriend, friends, family or even wedding gifts.

Unfortunately, it is not 2010 anymore, otherwise chocolates or rosy love letters would have worked like a charm. These days, you have to be on top of your game whether it is your love life or work life, isn’t it?

This does not mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket, all you have to do is be a little creative and stand out from the crowd.

This is exactly what we have done as we have curated the list of 21 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022 and even if you do not have a girlfriend, you must pay attention as these unique gift ideas are also applicable to your fiancée or wife or someone in your family, office.

Best part is while researching for these unique gifts, we have kept all kinds of budget in mind such as Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under Rs 500, under Rs 1,000 and so on till Rs 10,000.

21 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022

We will break out the guide in 5 steps according to the budget you are willing to spend starting with 500 rupees and going up to 10,000 rupees.

4 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 500 rupees in 2022

“Beauty is who you are, jewellery is simply the icing on the cake”, whosoever said this we all can relate to it. Women love jewellery, but there has to be a place where it can be kept safely. How about a vintage wooden flip flap jewellery box and that too when it is handmade.

1st product in our list of Best Diwali Gifts for your Girlfriend in 2022 under 500 rupees is the Made in India wooden and compact jewellery box with a length of 8 inches.

This polished rectangular wooden box is only 470 grams in weight and can be used as a perfect box to store jewellery, earring, watch, other accessories.

The box has been made using high-quality natural wood and brass inlays & has 3 separate compartments in case your girlfriend does not want to mix all the accessories. This box can also be gifted during Diwali to your friends or family.

Make up is yet another accessory that women love to wear and therefore, next Diwali gift for your girlfriend is the 7 piece Makeup Brush Set from popular Japanese store Miniso. 

This make up set comes in 2 colours Green and Pink & contain 1 powder brush + 1 shading brush + 1 eye shadow brush + 1lip brush + 1 sponge eyeshadow brush + 1 eyebrow comb + 1 folding bag. You don’t have to remember all these ingredients as your girlfriend or wife will know it by heart.

Hair in this brush set has high density and will give a soft and silky feeling. Since it is lightweight and portable both, it’s suitable for home and professional usage. Needless to say, this product can be gifted to your wife, girlfriend, colleague from office or your sister on Diwali.

Who does not love plants especially when you can even keep them in your bedroom without worrying about their growth or watering them. Yes, this one is an Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant with Wood Hexagon Pot.

This plant is perfect to add a touch of elegance to the bedroom and can even be used as a showpiece on your girlfriend’s office desk or her bedside table. The flowers are printed with perfection that guarantees its shine and beauty.

Best thing about artificial plants is they are all weather resistant, pest free, do not need water and most importantly, no watering is required but they still look like fresh plants. This plant comes with a wooden pot, so you don’t have to arrange one separately.

If you think your girlfriend or wife is going to like natural plants more, you can read our post on 5 Best Air Purifying Plants for your Home.

Have you seen those Jar or Lantern lights in small quaint cafes that looks so pretty, this product is just that. It is a set of 10 transparent balls and 10 LED white balls with 8 different modes such as in waves, sequential, slo-glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash and steady on.

These LED lights are simple to use, do not require any installation. All you have to do is find a suitable place and hang these lights once the plug has been switched on.

To be creative, you can place these lights on a shelf, old vase or a glass jar and you will see how these lights will glow up the surrounding areas.

You can also check out our post on Best Decorative Lights for Diwali to find more variety on these LED String lights or check out the Best Tealight Candles in India.

These 4 products were chosen as the Best Diwali Gifts for your Girlfriend under 500 rupees, now let’s move to Best Diwali Gifts for your Girlfriend under 1,000 rupees.

5 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 1,000 rupees in 2022

Swarovski is not a new name, and we bet your girlfriend will know what it means. Swarovski is an Austrian producer of glass and has existed and thrived in business since 1895.

Women love wearing accessories and hence adding a beautiful bracelet to the list of Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022 was no rocket science. This one is made with original Swarovski elements and comes in a high quality packaging box perfect for gifting.

The Bracelet has a 5 Layer Micro White Gold Plated Italian design and is absolutely skin friendly. Moreover, there is a 6 months warranty as well on this bracelet. The bracelet will go with both Western and Indian outfit.

Best part is size of the bracelet is adjustable for all wrist types as you can easily use the extended chain and clasp lock to adjust the length.

This elegant bracelet is not just the Best Diwali gift for your girlfriend, but it perfectly matches for other occasions as well such as Anniversaries, Valentines etc.

If not the wooden box for jewellery, then how about this Cosmetic Storage Case with Adjustable Compartment for your girlfriend. Unlike guys, girls tend to have a lot of accessories and to be able to manage that, a storage case comes handy.

This storage case is equipped with brush slots, can keep everything organized and provides ample space to fit in each kind of cosmetic makeup essentials like makeup brush, Airbrush, hairbrushes, eye shadow, lipstick, skincare products, oil essentials, etc.

Since the storage box has different sized compartments, it allows for accessories to be kept in an organized manner. Moreover, the box is designed with dual zippers and magic tape closure for easy access to the makeup items.

Priced just under a 1,000 rupees, this cosmetic storage case is an ideal Diwali gift for your girlfriend.

The Body Shop is a British cosmetics, skin care and perfume company and is super popular in Indian market due to its high quality and premium body products. This one is a Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash which specialises in cleansing blemished skin due to pollution.

Enriched with tea tree oil, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Facial Wash gently cleanses your face to give you clearer-looking and radiant skin. The face wash is 100% vegan and can be used on a daily basis for fresh skin.

The Body Shop is a premium brand and this face wash is not like a regular face wash, so certainly this is a unique Diwali gift for your girlfriend.


It is a fact that majority of the men do not own any grooming essentials apart from a trimmer, but women are not like that. Personal Grooming Industry for women is worth billions and hence it makes sense to gift them a nourishing and polishing kit as it is simply close to their heart.

mCaffeine is India’s 1st Caffeinated Personal Care brand, this product from mCaffeine is a super and in demand combo of Body Scrub, Body Lotion and Body Polishing Oil. Here are some of the features of this pack:

  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Removes Tan
  • Moisturizes and tones skin

The coffee-infused body polishing oil has an aroma of freshly grounded arabica coffee to perk-up your senses and the total package is FDA approved, Dermatologically and clinically tested too.

With skin nurturing ingredients such as White water lily, Coffee, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil, your girlfriend is surely going to love this Best Diwali gift.

If there is ever going to be a “Wall of Fame” for earphones in India, Sennheiser CX 180 is going to top that chart. Believe me, it does not matter which phone do you use, Sennheiser CX 180 earphones will rock.

If your girlfriend is into music, add these spicy little lightweight earphones to her Diwali gift. In fact, these earphones are a perfect Diwali gift for your friends, family, colleagues etc.

This is a Wired in-the-ear earphone but does not have a microphone. The bass that you will get with these earphones will be unparalleled. Length of the cable is 1.2 metre which is pretty long for an average sized human.

These are canal earphones and will cancel all the outside noise, I can say this with a lot of experience as I have legible authority being an avid user of these earphones.

These 5 products were chosen as the Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 1,000 rupees, now let’s move to Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 2,000 rupees. For unique gift options, you can also check out Personal Body Wand Massager or Kitchen Weighing Scale for baking, cooking needs.

6 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 2,000 rupees in 2022

First item in our list of Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022 under 2,000 rupees is White Gold Plated Heart Solitaire Pendant Chain Necklace from Clara.

18 inches long and 92.5 % Pure Sterling Silver Chain comes along with this Pendant. Gemstone in the pendant is 2 Carat Diamond Size Finest Quality Swiss Zirconia which looks amazingly similar to a real diamond.

The packaging is done in a beautiful and premium CLARA box and includes an authenticity card too. Necklace and pendants are evergreen and if bought right can bring glow and shine to any type of clothing. This is a necklace for everyday use.

This Strawberry Bathtub Kit from Bryan & Candy is a gift for anyone and everyone. Each self-care and hygiene product in this kit is infused with strawberry extracts and essential oils.

The kit contains bath and shower gel, hand and body lotion, strawberry body polish, sugar body scrub and a plush loofah. Some of the benefits of this bath tub kit are:

  • Provides balanced exfoliation without being harsh to the skin
  • Evens out skin tone and helps in a brighter skin
  • Body lotion naturally moisturises the skin
  • Body scrub is made of sucrose and beeswax which gives gentle exfoliation to the skin
  • Shower Gel is soap free, free of harmful chemicals and helps in cleansing the skin without stripping it off its natural oils.

Be assured this bathroom essential kit will be adored by your girlfriend and is a perfect, unique Diwali gift for your girlfriend.

Gone are the days when watches came with only 1 purpose i.e. tell time. Now, it is the time to stay updated with the technology and use Smart Band, fit bits etc. In less than 2,000 rupees you can get your girlfriend this attractive pink smart band from Honor.

Some of the features of this smart band are:

  • High-End AMOLED Full Colour Display Smart Band with 50m Water Resistance
  • Full Screen Touch & Home Button Control
  • Heart Rate Monitoring, Fitness & Swimming Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring
  • Smart Notifications & Message Reminders
  • Ability to connect phone with the band for fitness tracking purpose
  • Tracks oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream
  • 14 days battery stand by on a single charge
  • Super light weight at only 22 grams

This budget smart band can be a perfect choice for tech geeks or anyone who wants to stay updated with the current technology.

Who does not want to smell nice all the time especially when you are using a Luxurious Ayurvedic brand such as Forest Essentials.

Forest Essentials is an authentic Indian traditional skin care brand, with its foundations in this ancient science of Ayurveda.

This product is a 100 ml body mist that contains pure aloe vera juice which has soothing and moisture retaining properties. Sandalwood Oil helps in retaining moisture levels, tones, purifies, cools and soothes whereas Vetiver is anti-septic, de-toxifying and cooling.

This is the best body mist available in India under 2,000 rupees and the fragrance is very calming and relaxing. An ideal Diwali gift for your girlfriend or your family, friends.


Bluetooth Speakers can turn out to be a wonderful companion if you do not want everyone in the house to listen to what you are listening or especially when you are travelling.

If your girlfriend likes music and by the way who does not like music, then you can gift her this JBL Go Wireless Bluetooth speaker. Good thing is this speaker comes with a MIC so you can take calls as well without disconnecting your bluetooth.

This speaker comes in 5 different & attractive colours and has features like:

  • 5 Hours of Playtime
  • Long Press Play Button to Activate Google Assistant
  • Siri Noise-cancelling Speakerphone
  • Audio Cable Input
  • Weight is only 130 grams, so portable and lightweight both

I have gifted this JBL to a friend of mine years ago and I can tell it’s a very compact and cute looking portable speaker, girls do love this kind of stuff.

But honestly, do not expect a lot of bass from this speaker as it’s just average in terms of base. In that case, you can go for JBL Flip products that comes with high bass. With a 1 year warranty from JBL, this portable speaker will surely come handy and will be loved by your girlfriend.

Girls spend a lot in beauty parlours plus the fact visiting parlours is not so safe especially during these times of Coronavirus.

So, why not get your girl an electric cordless leg shaver from the house of Philips? This shaver will shave woman’s legs, arms, underarms and private parts as well. The blade of this shaver has been designed to provide satin shave effect and will not cause any skin irritation.

Since the shaver is cordless, it can be carried and kept in the handbag without any fuss. Save your women from the pain of waxing and gift her this wonderful electric shaver on this Diwali.

These 6 products were chosen as the Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 2,000 rupees, now let’s move to the Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 5,000 rupees. For unique gift options and within a range of under 2,000 rupees, you can also check out 7 Best Hair Straighteners, 10 Best Hair Dryers, 3 Best Laptop Tables.

3 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 5,000 rupees in 2022

For women, Handbags are a part of their daily accessories and when it comes from Hidesign, there is nothing else she will want. Hidesign is famous for their handmade and premium quality handbags, wallets, laptop bags etc.

Hidesign products are cut, rubbed and waxed by hand till they glow. Each handbag or wallet carries hand-polished brass fittings – staying true to the high standards expected of the brand

Their products are usually very expensive but they do last for years to come. Isle Locada by Hidesign is a Leather material black coloured handbag with 2 compartments and 1 pocket and a zip closure with handle.

This bag can be used for casual and work affairs on an everyday basis. You also get a 1 year warranty from Hidesign on this bag.

A lot of girls have a thing for premium handbags, if your girlfriend is one of those, she is going to love this Diwali gift.

In the age of smart camera phones, Instant Cameras are still a thing for a lot of people especially due to their ability to provide instant old school photos.

This Mini 9 Instant Camera is from Japanese multinational photography company Fujifilm and is available in 6 different colours. You can also click selfies with new Selfie Mirror and close-up lense attachment.

Some features of this Instant Camera are:

  • Instant Credit card size photos
  • Built-in Flash and Automatic exposure Measurement
  • Brightness adjustment dial
  • Shoot and get pictures in seconds
  • Picture Size : 62 x 46mm
  • Auto Power off time : 5 min

This Instax camera is perfect from holidays to anniversaries, birthdays to valentines and something amazing for both of you to capture your memories.

Even when almost everyone in India has a cellphone, there are people who like to wear a watch for the sake of old times, plus it looks classy as well.

If your girlfriend likes wearing watches, there cannot be anything classier and elegant than this branded Analogue Watch from Giordano. This watch comes with a silver dial and has a metal strap.

Made of high hardness mineral glass, Giordano’s watch faces are key scratch resistant and will not be scratched or damaged easily. There is also a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.

This watch has a stand-out luxurious appearance due to expensive metal plating finish, so this is a good watch even for parties, weddings etc. Be assured about durability as this watch will last for years to come.

These 3 products were chosen as the Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 5,000 rupees, now let’s move to the last category of this post i.e. Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 10,000 rupees. If your girlfriend drives a car, it may be a good idea to gift her a Tyre Inflator to avoid those risky situations on a highway.

3 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend under 10,000 rupees in 2022

Girls and Diamonds have something in common, they both are precious and after all, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Women can talk about diamonds for hours like men can talk about Cricket. Now, imagine the happiness on your girlfriend’s face when you gift her this beautiful Diamond Stud Earring. This stud earring is made of 18KT yellow gold.

These studs come with an 18 karat BIS Hallmark and is packed in a signature DISHIS Jewellery box. An ideal Diwali gift not just for your girlfriend but also for your sister, mother even for everyday use.

Dimensions of this stud is 5 mm * 5 mm and you can return the product within 30 days in case of any faults.

Take your fitness goals to the next level with this Fitbit Inspire HR. This gadget is a friendly heart rate and fitness tracker for every day that helps you build healthy habits.

Some features of this tracker are:

  • Track number of calories burned throughout the day
  • Guided breathing sessions
  • Track your heart rate
  • Get real time notifications from social media apps and call, calendar and text alerts
  • Follow menstrual cycle, record symptoms and more
  • Upto 5 days of battery

Technology has evolved a lot and with technology, our habits have changed immensely, thus it makes sense to stay updated with the latest tech trends and this fit bit tracker goes a long way in that direction.

As per a survey, the typical woman read 9 books in a year, compared with only 5 for men and when it comes to reading, Kindle by far is the best gadget for e-reading.

Last product in our list of Best Diwali Gifts for your Girlfriend in 2022 is 10th generation waterproof Paperwhite Kindle. Here are some of the main features of this kindle:

  • Thinnest and lightest Kindle Paperwhite ever
  • 300 PPI glare-free display 6 inches
  • 5 LEDs Built-in Front Light
  • 8 GB of storage means you can store thousands of books
  • Battery will stay for weeks
  • Now, adjust the text size and boldness & read with Kindle-exclusive fonts
  • Compatible with WiFi and 4G

Kindle is a classic gift for those who love to read. If your girlfriend likes to read, gift her this Kindle on Diwali.

Wrapping Up - Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022

I hope by now, you would have shortlisted something for your girlfriend amongst these 21 Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend in 2022. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on gifts, that’s why we have curated the list in such a way that it fits every pocket.

Help a brother out by sharing this post as you never know who else is thinking about a Diwali gift for his girlfriend!

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