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"Easy interface, good for elders, accurate readings, can be used with battery 4aa size or mobile charger also. Display is very sharp. You can use a guard or laminate screen to protect the display from scratches"
Tigmanshu Verma - Buyer

Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine Reviews (Digital Thermometer Included)

  • Best BP Monitor machine in India for home use
  • Offers Dual Language for Guidance: Hindi/English
  • Detects Irregular heartbeat as well
  • Comes with a digital thermometer
  • 5-year extended warranty
  • Product Of USA: Approved By United States Food And Drug Administration
  • In the Box: Box contains BP monitor, Dr Trust Digital Thermometer, Batteries (Batteries not chargeable), Conical Cuff & User Manual
  • Android Phone USB can be used to charge the machine
  • Traffic light results green, red & yellow depending on the result
  • Memory – Can store upto 120 results
  • Recommended as the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use


Dr. Trust Automatic Digital BP Machine - Best BP Monitor Machine in India

Do you have someone in your home who is prone to high or low blood pressure every now and then. Extreme high/low blood pressure can be fatal & lead to many health complications such as developing heart diseases, chances of stroke etc. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a machine at home so you don’t have to be dependent on a clinic or a doctor only to check the BP. 

With Dr. Trust Automatic Digital BP Machine, you can easily check Blood Pressure and get results within seconds. This machine is an American product and approved by United States Food And Drug Administration which makes this as a flagship unit amongst other BP monitor machines. The BP Machine also includes a digital thermometer that will cost you approximately 300 bucks if you buy it separately hence purchasing this product is a total value for money.

If you have also been looking for a machine to check blood sugar level in addition to BP Monitor machine, instead of buying 2 separate machines, you can go for Dr Trust (USA) Fully Digital BP Machine + Glucometer Monitor + Flexible Thermometer for Baby, Kids & Adults. Alternatively, you can also check out our detailed review on Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit.

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Dr. Trust Automatic Digital BP Machine

Best BP Monitor Machine in India

The Final Verdict - Which is the Best BP Monitor Machine in India (2022)

Did you know more & more doctors are recommending BP monitors at home? This is due to the simple fact when you get your BP readings at a clinic, the machine only tells your condition for that specific time not how you were feeling 2 hours ago. But at the same time, if you have a BP Monitor, you always have that advantage of checking your blood pressure at that very moment and treat it accordingly. For this simple reason, it’s important that you make the right choice and go for Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine which is the best BP Monitor Machine in India.

Frequently Asked Questions - Best BP Monitor Machine in India

Q: How accurate and reliable are home blood pressure monitor machines?
A: As long as you put your money into the right BP monitor machine, you should get accurate results. Your blood pressure measurements will vary depending on the time of day as it is generally the lowest first thing in the morning, and it steadily rises after a person wakes up. Blood pressure will also change and respond dynamically to movements, meals, and moods throughout the day.

To get an idea or an understanding, you should try performing multiple recordings and average them. Once you do this for a period of time, you will know when your BP machine shows a high or less reading and you can contact the doctor immediately. Besides, it won’t be a bad idea to bring your home blood pressure monitor into your doctor’s office to test it against their own machine.

Q: How to lower my blood pressure naturally over time?
A: Your body is a complex machine and any improvement within the machine gradually happens over time. There are small things that you can do in your daily life to lower your blood pressure naturally such as exercising for at least 20-30 minutes every day, consume a low sodium diet, limit alcohol consumption and most importantly, do not stress. As you try to lower your blood pressure naturally over time, keep your doctor involved throughout the process.

Q: Is It Normal for Blood Pressure to Fluctuate?
A: Blood pressure readings can change throughout the day, minor changes are due to meals, stress level or how did you sleep last night. It is recommended that you go see a doctor if fluctuations occur regularly as it may indicate an underlying problem.

Q: Which blood pressure monitor do doctors recommend?
Some of the highly recommended BP monitors in India are Omron HEM 7120, Dr. Trust Automatic BP Machine, Dr. Morepen Automatic BP and HealthSense Digital BP Monitor.

Q: What is the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use in India?
Dr. Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine and Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense Technology are the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use in India. 

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