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6 Best Bedside Lamps in India (2022)

Best Bedside Lamps in India

Anyone who loves to read before sleeping knows how important it is to have the Best Bedside Lamp alongside your bed. So today, we are going to review the 6 Best Bedside Lamps in India.

A bedside lamp is not only a good choice for yourself, but it’s also a perfect option as a gift for Birthday, anniversaries or even for Diwali.

Lighting plays a very important part in your home decor and when it comes to bedside lamps, they can effectively fill that empty place on your bedside table and make your bedroom look more appealing.

You can also add more elegance and charm to the bedroom by placing some decorative LED lights in a reasonably cheap price along with some Air Purifying Indoor plants that will not cost you more than 500 rupees.

The best bedside lamps we are going to review today will not only be beneficial for reading, but also if you like to work on your laptop till late night and do not want to switch on the heavy lighting for that.


Best Bedside Lamps in India - Comparison (2022)





Main Features

Check Price

Decent Glass Turkish Lamps for Home Decoration Purse Shape Mosaic Bedside Table for Bedroom (19 cm, Multi)

Decent Glass Turkish Lamps

1.2 kg

19 x 10 x 22 cms

Semi-transparent glass

Mosaic Pattern
40-60 W

ExclusiveLane 'The Jute-Shade Log' Madhubani & Warli Handpainted Wooden Home Decorative Bedroom Living Room Bedside Table Lamps for Home Decoration (Brown, Without Bulb)

ExclusiveLane ‘The Jute-Shade Log’ Madhubani

1.2 kg

11.1 x 11.1 x 20 cms

Can be used as table lamp too
1 month warranty
0-20 W

Homesake® Antique Golden Crystal Lamps Light Vintage Decoration for Home, Living Room, Bedroom Bedside, Mandir, Hall | Made in India Products - Pack of 1

Homesake® Antique Golden Crystal Lamps

1.4 kg

30 x 8.99 x 8.99 cm

Suited for dining table, bar table
Made in India
Embedded on golden plated metal loops

Homesake® Rustic Algae French Trophy Carved Table Lamp with Black Shade

Homesake® Rustic Algae French Trophy Carved Table Lamp

0.9 kg

12.5 x 12.5 x 50 cms

Classic silhouette in a wood construction
Timeless classic design
Crisp linen fabric

RYLAN 3D USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp Color Changing Sensor Touch Crystal Ball Night Lamp with Wooden Stand, Bedroom Lamp, Night Lamp for Bedroom, Bedroom Lamp for Kids, Bedroom Lamps for Night (15CM)

RYLAN 3D USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp

0.25 kg

15 cm

Change colours in a tap
3D print moon light
Standard USB charging port

Beverly studio 10 inches Designer Shade Terracotta Table lamp

Beverly Studio Terracotta Table Lamp 

2.5 kg

25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm

Small terracotta lamp base
color combination of shimmer gold and terracotta

Best Bedside Lamps in India - Reviews (2022)

Exactly the kind of lamp you want to have in your bedroom if you have a taste for colourful showpiece items. The bedside lamp from Decent Glass is a Turkish Lamp in mosaic pattern which will match both dark and light coloured walls.

The table lamp is made up of semi-transparent glass beads which means when you switch on the lamp, you will see bulbs glowing with a pretty antique and royal look. The lamp is sturdy and designed for a longer duration so you can use it for years to come.

The lamp comes with a yellow light to brighten up the interior, due to the design of this bedside lamp, it is one of the very few lamps that will add value to your bedroom whether lit or unlit.

Mosaics of the lamp are made with glass pearls and material used have a heat resistance of up to 200 degrees celsius.

Cord length is 2 metres which is good enough as we usually have power sources next to the bed plus wire has a switch which is very handy for quick access. There are 2 sizes available in 19 and 24 cm, you can also check out the bigger lamp (24 cm).

A perfect option as a gift for your parents, colleagues, friends and indeed one of the Best Bedside Lamps in India.

‘The Jute-Shade Log’ bedside lamp is a proud hand painted product from the interiors of India, an excellent choice if you support “Make in India” campaign. This lamp is delicately handcrafted in Liptis wood by Indian craftsmen. 

It is a beautiful artistic table lampshade with a wooden log for the baseholder. This lamp is inspired from the historic art of Madhubani which is situated in the Indian state of Bihar.

In Madhubani traditions, elephant is considered to be auspicious and it brings luck, power and calmness which is why you will see an elephant crafted in the wooden log.

Raw dori and traditional Indian metal ghunghrus along with the beautiful jute shade add a lot of grace to the bedside lamp. The wattage of the lamp is between 0-20W and there is also a 1 month warranty on product from date of invoice.

Overall, a beautiful bedside lamp with rich Indian culture and an evergreen choice especially if you have wooden cabinets or wooden flooring in your room.

As the name suggests, this lamp is exclusively handcrafted chimney with the help of glass crystals and elegantly embedded on golden plated metal loops to give the perfect shape and add grace to your bedroom.

This is another Made in India product manufactured by skilled artisans using indigenous techniques with the help of sustainable and local material.

The lamp comes with an On/Off switch, has a 1.5 metre long wire and is best suited for bedside, dining table and gifts as well. Glass crystals really gives a fascinating look to the lamp and will match perfectly both dark and light wall backgrounds.

Another bedside lamp from the house of Homesake, a brand famous for Indian handicrafts.

This table lamp is a classic silhouette in a wood construction and is paired with linen shade. At first sight, you will notice the traditional classic style this lamp has along with the sturdy wooden base.

The round hardback shade is a crisp linen fabric with light slubbing and a crude burlap wrap around the center.

The wire is 1.5 metre long and the lamp has a convenient on/off switch. You can keep this lamp on your bedside table, adjacent to sofa or TV cabinet, rest assured this product is worth every penny.

5th product in our list of Best Bedside Lamps in India is a stunning and innovative USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp from Rylan. This lamp comes with a wooden stand and the moon will change colours every time you tap on it.

The Crystal Ball Night Lamp has a matte finish on the outside which makes the light not too dark or not too light, just something that is apt for the eyes. The moon light is using the most advanced 3D printing technology and is made of PLA material which restores the real appearance of the moon.

There is a Built-in rechargeable battery which provides 4-20 hours of illumination depending on brightness.

In order to charge the lamp, simply insert the USB cable at the bottom of the moon lamp, you will see a red light when it’s getting charged. Once the moon lamp is fully charged, red light will switch off automatically.

An awesome and inventive night lamp that can be an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries or festivals such as Diwali.

If you have children at home, they will love this innovative night lamp and since the light is apt for the eyes, they can sleep with the lamp on as well. Overall, a well deserved addition to our list of Best Bedside Lamps in India.

Last in our directory of Best Bedside Lamps in India is Beverly studio 10 inches Designer Shade Terracotta Table lamp.

The classic Terracotta Lamp is a perfect reflection of the traditional art and adds real charm to the bedroom.

The best thing about this lamp is the colour combination it uses which is a combination of shimmer gold and terracotta. Bulb will have to bought separately as most of the lamps don’t include the bulb. 

Watch out for the metallic look this lamp has, it is really soothing to the eyes making this product yet another perfect option for gift or self use.

The Final Verdict - Best Bedside Lamps in India (2022)

By now, we have reviewed 6 Best Bedside Lamps in India amongst thousands of other lamps that are available in the market. When you look for a lamp, always look at two things: how much light the lamp displays and the look it adds to the room.

When we merge both these factors, we have 2 clear winners.

If I have kids in my house, I will go for 3D USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp from Rylan as this lamp is definitely different from others and adds a bit of curiosity. Plus the fact, kids love playing with colours and this lamp changes colours every time you tap on it.

Our second choice will be ‘The Jute-Shade Log’ Madhubani bedside lamp from ExclusiveLane simply because when it comes to elegance and taste, nothing beats this lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I leave a bedside lamp on all night?
A: This is something that depends on the bulb used. You can switch on the lamp for let’s say 2 hours, after which you can run your fingers over the surface of the bulb. If the bulb is too hot to touch, there may be an overheating issue, but if it’s not very warm your lamp is good to go. Depending upon the result after 2 hours, you can decide whether or not you want to leave your lamp switched on all night. On the contrary, you can place LED light into your lamp as LED lights are extremely long-lasting and can be left on 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Q: What type of light is suitable and best for reading?
A: Halogen and Fluorescent bulbs generally do a better job of illuminating reading material than normal incandescent bulbs. This is because, halogen bulbs produce a whiter light which is perfect for reading.

Q: How much should be the wattage for bedside lamp?
A: 50 to 60 watts is the ideal wattage for bedside lamp, anything more than this might illuminate the entire room which is not something you would want with a bedside lamp.

Q: Which is the best bedside reading lamp in India?
A: If your primary purpose is to get a reading lamp, you should go for Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp as it is the best reading lamp in India.

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