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5 Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India (2022)

Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India

Let’s assume for a minute it’s 1980 and you are living in Delhi, would you still have looked out for Best Air Purifying Plants for home in India or even cared about the air quality? Definitely not, right? 

But the problem is we are in 2022 now and believe it or not, one of the very things that made life possible on this planet is now causing serious health problems to all of us. It will not be entirely right to blame the air quality alone for all of this, rather it is more due to selfish needs of the mankind.

In a survey from 2019, 21 out of 30 most polluted cities in the world were from India and if this fact does not scare you alone, how about as of 2016 almost 140 million people in India were breathing air that is 10 times or more than the safe limit set by WHO. Come November every year, and we start seeing a sharp rise in AQI levels all over India.

I can write more and more, but this post is more on how to breathe clean air naturally. You can either get an air purifier but not everyone can afford to spend 10,000-15,000 rupees. That’s why you can get Best Air Purifying Plants for home in India even if you do not have a balcony or terrace as you can keep these low maintenance plants in your bedroom, drawing room or even your office desk.

You can also add a beautiful bedside lamp in a reasonable price and keep your indoor plants along with it to add to the texture of your room.

Feeling the need to be protected against this dangerous air quality outside your home as well, don’t worry as you can get a good face mask for 100-200 rupees, check out our post on 7 Best Face Masks for Coronavirus in India (2022). These masks serve the same purpose to protect you from harmful chemicals, viruses etc.

Before we move onto Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India, be advised that some plants also help in improving the immunity levels. That’s another reason for you to get a plant for your home now. In order to know how to increase immunity, do read Best Immunity Booster Products in India


7 Reasons Why You Must Have Air Purifying Plants in your Home or Office

7 Reasons Why You must have Air Purifying Plants in your Home or Office

Note: We at always believe in setting the right tone and therefore before we proceed and discuss 5 Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India, we need you to know if you have a pet (cat or dog) at your home, you may want to rethink before buying an Indoor Plant as some of the plants may be toxic to your pets. You can also consult with your nearest vet before you make a decision.

Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India (2022) - Reviews

Areca Palm is one plant that is known to provide oxygen and is also used to illuminate the interiors. This plant helps in cleaning up large amounts of Carbon Dioxide and stops the distribution of unhealthy air particles like xylene and toluene and helps in minimizing nasal obstruction, sore throat, tonsillitis, common cold etc.

Just so you know xylene and toluene are colourless compounds that are used in many household and industrial products. They are actually less dense than water and highly volatile at the same time creating flammable and toxic concentrations at room temperature.

Ugaoo Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live Plant features feathery, arching fronds and is one of the easiest palm trees that you can grow indoors. This plant comes with a white self watering pot which has a diameter of 4-5 inches and is extremely low maintenance. You can keep this plant indoors as well as outdoors and it is ideal to be grown in lawns, shade gardens, Corridors, big halls, terrace garden, etc. 

This plant only needs partial sunlight twice a week for few hours. An extremely low maintenance, beautiful plant and our 1st Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India under 500 rupees.

Other Key Features:

Low Maintenance and easy to grow
Attractive as well as durable
Plant height – 10 to 15 inch
Plant spread – 8 to 10 inch
Pot height – 5 inch
Weight – 640 grams
Watering Needs – Twice a week 
One of the bestsellers plants for air purifying purpose

Gorgeous plant, very satisfied with it.. Perfect tree for dining room!!

Money plant also known as Golden Pothos is usually grown in Australia and South East Asian countries like China, Japan, India, Pakistan etc. This plant is not only known to bring good luck, prosperity and financial gains but also as a powerful air purifier plant.

This plant was also mentioned during one of the studies by NASA in late 1980s and it was after that study, Money plant started gaining more popularity in other parts of the world and eventually became one of the Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India.

You should consider buying this plant because it is ideal to remove airborne pollutants from the indoor air such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene. Ill effects of these chemicals are irritation in eyes, allergy, asthma and other neurological issues.

As far as maintenance of this plant is considered, you will be happy to know that Money plant needs the least amount of maintenance as it stays green even when you keep it in dark. The survival rate of Money plant is higher than other indoor plants and it will live for a longer duration. 

When you receive the plant with a Blue Ceramic Pot, make sure to water the plant immediately and after that, you can water it thrice a week. One thing that matters the most with Indoor plants is the amount of maintenance it needs and Money plant tops the chart in this category which is why we have rated this as Low Maintenance & Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India under 500 rupees.

Other Key Features:

Recommended by Feng Shui and NASA
Plant height – 3 to 4 inch
Pot height – 3.5 inch
Watering needs – Thrice a week
Sunlight needs – Once a week and manure once in 6 months
Another bestseller plant for air purifying purpose

Received this plant a week ago in perfect condition, it's been a week and plant already has a beautiful new leaf, loving it !!

Another plant which was mentioned in NASA study and overall, elegant, easy to look after plant with excellent air purifying qualities. These plants have known to be undemanding in terms of light, humidity and other basic necessities. 

Chamaedorea Palm Plants can basically do well in any condition, and they will turn your drawing room, bedroom or office desk into a tropical paradise. Whilst you work from home or even if you are going to office, add this plant to your workstation so it can purify, humidify air and convert your workspace into a more creative and relaxed working environment.

In terms of air purification and VOCs, this plant can remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air. According to a study, Chamaedorea palm plant has one of the highest removal rate for Formaldehyde.

Each stem of this plant carries 6-7 long-leaf leaves and you can expect early flowering. You can choose to water the plant every alternate day and 3-4 hours of indirect sunlight should be good for healthy growth of the plant.  

Other Key Features:

Easy to maintain
Native to the Rain forests of South America
As effective as electric humidifier
Plant height – 8 to 14 inch
Pot height – 4 to 5 inch 
Fungus and bugs free
Best Air Purifying Indoor Plant for Home and Office in India

I bought it as a gift for a friend of mine, turned out to be a good choice. The palm is in very good condition with soil, overall a good buy!

Red Aglaonema or the Chinese Evergreen is yet another NASA recommended popular plant from South East Asia. This plant is available in 3 different variants Double stem, Self watering pot and Single stem.

This Lipstick Aglaonema Plant is an excellent indoor plant for low light areas and with most gorgeous patterned leaves. Just like our other indoor plants, this one is also good to remove harmful pollutants from the air such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene.

This plant is perfect for those places where you do not get a lot of sunlight, for ex your office workstation is an ideal choice due to the attractive looks this plant offers with its textured spear shaped leaves and pink tones in the foliage. This is basically one plant you can add to a dull room and the beauty will speak for itself.  

Due to minimal maintenance and attention required, a perfect plant for those who are too busy with their hectic schedules as the plant only needs average light and watering. Due to super attractive and sharp looks along with the least maintenance, we have rated Lipstick Aglaonema Plant as the Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India under 500 rupees.

Other Key Features:

Minimal maintenance
Attractive Red and Pink tones 
Watering needs – Once or twice a week 
Sunlight needs –  Avoid direct sunlight, a shady spot will be perfect
Best option as a gift
One of the bestseller plants for homes with less ventilation and air purifying purpose

"Lovely plant as shown exactly in the image, small but beautiful"

This plant hails from the African continent, extremely easy to grow and is very popular thanks to NASA and plants’ air purifying capacity and healing properties. The name spider comes from its spider like solid green and thin leaves. This plant also goes by the name of Airplane plant, Ribbon, Spider Ivy etc. 

Spider plant is a “Hard to Kill” plant because of the low attention it requires and its ability to thrive in almost any condition even when neglected for days.

This African plant is also known as the easiest and best air purifying plants and as per NASA reports, Spider plant is amongst the Top3 types of indoor plants that are most effective in removing formaldehyde which is one of the most common pollutants you will find in your home. Some examples: Wood products, plastic items, leather goods, etc.  

The best thing we liked about this plant is that it is good even if you have pets in your home as it is non toxic for pets. Having said that it doesn’t mean it is okay for your pet to be around this plant as you don’t want your pet to be eating the leaves while they are teething.

Spider plants have many other benefits such as oxygen production, increase in productivity, reduce stress, balance humidity levels, etc. In terms of maintenance, they do not need a lot of water, so once a week will suffice, however do mist your plant once or twice in a week. As far as sunlight is concerned, avoid direct sunlight as the plant will thrive from semi-shady to partial direct sun.

This plant sells like hotcakes all over the planet and definitely the one to be added to our list of Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India under 500 rupees.

Other Key Features:

Comes with a White Dew Ceramic Pot
Undemanding and low maintenance
Non-toxic for pets
Plant height with pot – 7 to 10 inch
Pot height – 4 inch
Best Air Purifying plant in India

Pot can be a little big in size, but it's a heart warming and lively plant which will add smile to your daily life!!

How to Improve Air Quality in your Home?

5 EASY Tips to Reduce Poor Air Quality in your Home

Editor's Note - 5 Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India (2022)

This is not like a regular post where we write about 5 or 7 best products and in the end choose one. In order to have fresh and clean air inside your home, 1 plant may not be enough and remember as confirmed by NASA, at least 1 plant for every 100 square feet. If that’s not possible, start with 2 plants and place them into your drawing room and let the magic begin.

In addition to these 5 Best Air Purifying Plants for Home in India, we also recommend Dracaena Coffee Air Purifier Indoor Plant & Peace Lily Plant with Self Watering Pot. Both these plants are good options if you are looking to purify the air inside your home. If you need additional pots or change the one you already have, check from one of these bestseller options.

“The key to a greener planet is in your hands”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the air in my home toxic?
A: As per a study from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air inside the house is at least 2-5 times polluted than the air outside your house. This is scary as most of those hazy mornings, we try to stay home by thinking air is polluted way too much to go outside. This is why, indoor plants are your best bet against these harmful minute pollutants. In addition to these plants, you can also start switching off electricity points when not in use, use more organic products, remove carpets, etc. 

Q: Is there a way to test air quality in my home?
A: Generally, you can tell if someone in your home starts experiencing nasal, breathing or respiratory issues, but this process takes time and by the time you come to know about it, it can be already be an year at least. Thus, better way is to get an air quality monitor for your home, you can check some of the options here.

Q: How many plants will it take to purify the air in my home?
A: NASA’s study reveals that for every 100 square feet in your home, you should have 1 plant. So, if you live in a home which is 1,500 square feet (140 metres), you should have 15 plants. Like we mentioned here, you can start with a couple of plants and slowly increase the plantation inside your house.

Q: Are plants better than air purifiers?
A: When you compare the cost benefit of plant vs air purifier, there is a huge difference and plants are considered to be an economical option any day. As far as the job of air purification is concerned, air purifiers fails to get hold of many gases that are so small it will sail through the air purifier and come out untouched. However, plants on the other hand can filter these pollutants.

Q: Is it safe to keep plants in the bedroom?
A: Some people believe it is not safe to keep plants in your bedroom as during the night plants tend to release Carbon dioxide, but the truth is humans produce more CO2 than plants does. Besides, CO2 is relatively harmless in minuscule quantities. So, yes it is safe to keep plants inside the bedroom.

Q: Do plants really clean air inside the house?
A: Via the process of Photosynthesis, plants convert the CO2 we release into fresh oxygen plus they remove toxins from the air, so yes plants do clean the air inside the house.

Q: Which are the best plants to clean air inside the house?
Snake Plant, Chamaedorea, Chinese Evergreen, Areca Palm are some of the best plants to clean air inside your house. 

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